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Posted:Feb 1, 2018 4:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2018 9:24 pm

I offer to give you a massage after your shower. I get you to lay on your tummy on the bed. .I kneel beside you and squirt a small amount of oil in the middle of your back and gently start to spread it over you. I then straddle your butt and begin to work the oil into your body. I look down and cant notice how neatly my growing arousal seats between your butt cheeks and I cant resist grinding slightly so that my balls and the underside of my cock rubs against you.. I then use the palms of my hands to make increasing circles on your back. Each time starting at your spine and working upward and outward. I lay my body down on yours to have as much of me touching as much of you as possible I tenderly kiss your neck and close my mouth on your ear before continuing with the massage. I close my fingers over your shoulders and squeeze and release repeatedly. I then grind my hips once again before wriggling my butt down yours. I softly kiss my way down your back til I reach the top of your butt and as my lips move over your butt, you raise your hips off the bed and my hand briefly slips underneath you and brushes against your warm moist pussy lips. You raise your hips higher and Im able to run my tongue down over your butt and between your legs.and get a brief taste of you
My lust and desire for you is building rapidly and I fight the temptation to bury my face between your legs. I take a few deep breaths before dribbling some more oil onto the top of your thighs and gently massaging it all the way down to your feet.
I tell you its time for you to roll over and I remind you that you agreed not to use your hands. And to with that, I tell you to put your hands above your head and hold on to the bed head rails and not let go. You do so. I smile a cheeky almost wicked smile at you.
I dribble some oil on the top of your feet and slowly work my way up your legs.
As my hands near the top of your thighs your legs part and your hips raise off the bed again but I ignore it and gently run my hands over your tummy and up to your breasts which I massage. I then lean over you and kiss you gently on the mouth, a kiss that becomes more passionate and then our tongues press past each others lips and entangle.
I feel your arm on the back of my neck and your hand on the top of my head as our kiss grows in passion and I break away and remind you. “no hands, remember” . You put your hands back above your head, once again exposing your breasts to me and ‘opening’ yourself to me.. I kiss and lick my way down your neck and run my tongue around nipple and then the other before continuing to kiss and lick down your tummy as I slide my body down yours.. I keep kissing down to your clit and I gently close my lips on it and suck. I look up at you to make sure your hands are still above your head before pressing my mouth firmly against your pussy lips, parting them with my tongue as you bring your legs up. I tell you to close your eyes. I reach into your bedside drawer and get your dildo. I make sure your eyes are still closed and trace it around your nipples then up to your mouth. “Open your mouth” I whisper. You do so and take the dildo between your lips. You open your I slowly slide it in and out of your mouth. I then take it out of your mouth and we kiss passionately as my hand trails the moistened dildo down the length of your body. You once again bring your legs up as I rub the tip up and down your pussy lips before pushing it inside you. I work it in and out as our lips are locked together. You gently bite on my bottom lip as my hand works the toy in and out faster and faster until it brings you to a shuddering climax..
You then wrap your arms and hands around my head and hold me tenderly against you as we continue to kiss.
We finally break away from the kiss and I slowly slide the toy out from inside you and put it to my mouth, slowly and deliberately .I slide it in my mouth and clean it of your delicious juices.
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The Dance
Posted:Jan 27, 2018 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2018 6:27 pm

You are on all fours on the bed. I am behind you spanking you softly. Taking in your beauty. Your beautiful breasts hanging down with nipples hard. Looking between your legs I see your pussy lips glistening with desire. My own arousal beginning to ooze from the tip of my hard shaft. I touch your velvety pussy lips with my finger. You moan and press back toward me. My thumb at your arse, gently massaging. Teasing it
I kneel down and press my face against you to kiss you. First your butt then, pressing my face harder against you as you push back against me, my tongue touches your pussy lips and I taste you. With a playful slap on our butt-cheeks I position myself behind you and tease the head of my cock around your arse. Then I press my body against you. My fully erect shaft fitting nicely along the length of your butt-cheeks.
I lay my body over yours and I close my lips on your earlobe. Gently sucking. Then nuzzling into your neck as my hands gently play with your breasts. Lifting them then allowing them to fall. Squeezing them. Tapping your hard nipples with my fingertips.
I straighten up and once again guide the tip of my shaft between your legs. Rubbing it against your now very moist pussy lips. I gently press against you and as you push back against me I can feel your pussy enveloping the head of my cock.
I pause to savour the feeling of us being joined as one. You push back again, becoming restless and impatient. I gently thrust a little harder. A little deeper.
You moan.
I grunt.
Deeper. Deeper. Until my body is pressed up against yours. I slowly start to withdraw before pausing and thrusting back in. Pulling back. Then thrusting again.
The sounds of our bodies. The sound of our flesh slapping together. Then the different sound as our sweat covered bodies pull apart. Repeated again and again as we continue our dance. I thrust forward as you press back. We both pull away then slam into each other. Over and over. The squelching sound as my shaft slips in and out of your pussy is becoming louder as the tempo of our dance increases and your pussy becomes wetter.
Our moans and groans become louder as we build to a crescendo. Thrusting until that moment when I become overwhelmed by arousal and desire. That moment when our bodies become so stimulated they ache for release. And release comes almost violently as wave after wave of spasms jolt through our bodies. I feel my cock shooting. No, pumping, my desire deep inside you.
Once again I lay my body over yours as I tenderly kiss your back and shoulders. I slip from between your legs. You roll over onto your back. I gaze down at the result of our dance. Our desire dribbling from between your swollen, red pussy lips. I move down and softly kiss them. Gathering some of our juices on my tongue then laying beside you we kiss lovingly. Our bodies recovering for our next dance.
Posted:Jan 25, 2018 5:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2018 3:12 pm

Laying on the loungeroom floor watching tv together. Both in one of our more playful moods. We wrestle. Then as our passion builds we kiss. Then wrestle some more. Rolling around the floor. I allow you to pin me down. Straddling my hips. You roll your hips. Gyrating. Grinding against me. I’m wearing just a pair of shorts and you are wearing a long T shirt and panties. I can feel your warmth on my tummy as you rotate your hips. Rubbing against me. Feeling my cock becoming harder beneath you.
You grind your way up to my face. I kiss your innerthighs but neither of us is in the mood for sensual play. We roll around again, now both on our sides. You close your legs tight on my head. Trapping my face against your pussy. I breathe in your scent as my mouth is pressed against you. As you open your legs slightly your hand presses on the back of my head, still holding my face in your pussy. I suck at your damp panties.
Our playfulness has gone up a notch and changed to a hunger. A desire. My licking becomes more intense. You grab a handful of hair and grind my face into you even harder. You are telling me how you want me to eat you. How you want my tongue deep inside you. How you want to cum all over my face.
You release me from between your legs and lay on your back allowing me to slide your panties off. I do so then put them to my face and suck them one more time. I then wipe them across your pussy, again and again. I then hold your pussy lips open with my finger and thumb and gently press a part of your panties into your cunt. Then a bit more and a bit more til there is just a little bit of material protruding from between your pussy lips. I then lay between your legs once again, and close my teeth on the protruding material and very VERY slowly start to drag it out from your pussy. Mmmmm. I wipe the very wet material across my face.
I then tell you to kneel on the floor and to rest against the seat of the lounge, with your arse away from the lounge.. I kneel behind you and playfully smack your bum before moving my face closer and kissing it. I run my tongue up and down it. I then aggressively grab your buttcheeks, parting them and I run my tongue up and down between them. I kiss your hole then trace around it with my tongue. I then flick my tongue at it. Licking you.
We change again and roll around the floor some more. Kissing. Playing. Then once again you pin me down and sit on my face. You raise yourself ever so slightly. Just enough to allow yourself to rub your clit as I lick and suck you. You cum hard and loud. Soaking my face. Mmmmmmm yummm.
Posted:Jan 22, 2018 7:57 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2018 5:17 pm

Laying on the bed cuddling and talking about our day. Your hand reaches down and starts to gently fondle and play with my already semi hard cock. We are both laying on our sides and you drape your ‘top’ leg over my hip. I run my hand over your butt. My fingers gently brushing over your soft skin. I feel your breasts pushing against my chest as my finger runs up and down your butt, occasionally pressing firmer, parting your cheeks.
You lean out from my body, allowing me to kiss and suck your hard nipples. I can feel your heat pressing against my hip and your grip tightens on my now erect shaft as you stroke it slowly. My hand once again slides over your bum and pressing firmly I find your wetness and rub gently with my fingertip. We both have begun to moan slightly and our movements become more purposeful.
Trying to get our bodies as close to one another as possible. We kiss a long passionate hungry kiss as my finger parts your pussy lips and slides inside. I feel your thumb flicking over the head of my throbbing shaft as you spread the freely flowing precum. I go back to sucking on your nipples. Flicking them with my tongue. Nibbling on them. Closing my teeth on them and stretching them.
I roll onto my back and you quickly position yourself. Squatting above my cock. We gaze into each other’s eyes and you slowly lower yourself. Your pussy enveloping the length of my shaft. Swallowing it. You start to grind your hips as I reach and play with your breasts and nipples. Lifting your breasts and allowing them to gently fall. Again and again. You lift yourself til you are holding just the tip of my cock inside you before thrusting down, taking me all the way inside you. over and over again. Up and down. Faster and harder you lift and drop then grind back and forth then around and around until you reach another orgasm.
I roll you onto your back and then start to kiss and lick my way down your body. When I reach your pussy, I hook my arms under your legs and bury my face between your thighs. Licking hungrily. Closing my mouth on your hard clit and sucking it as hard as I can, before quickly lapping up your juices as they ooze. We manoeuvre our bodies so that you are able to take me in your mouth as I continue to lick and suck at your pussy. We are both so incredibly aroused and turned on at this point and our fingers and tongues and mouths probe and suck and lick at each other. You stop sucking as you arch your back and convulse in another orgasm before returning your mouth to my hot hard shaft. You sense that I am nearing the point of no return and you stop sucking.
I once again reposition my body so that I am laying between your legs. You open your legs wide inviting me to plunge between them. I press down on your knees, forcing your legs even wider as I grind my cock on your pussy. You reach down and guide the tip to the entrance of your pussy. I press my hips into you and slide deep inside. I instantly begin to thrust. Deeper, harder, faster. Thrusting again and again as your body once again goes over the edge as you orgasm another time but this time I’m unable to hold back and I also explode with a shuddering almighty orgasm.

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