The Meeting (Help me write this story!)  

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The Meeting (Help me write this story!)

It was already 2:15 when Jim looked out the conference room window toward the lake just outside his office. A dark rain cloud was building overhead, threatening a massive storm. Oh, how Jim loved to watch the rains advancing across the surface of the lake during the big storms. It is so much nicer though to be curled up in bed and watching them with company, he thought.

The meeting was dragging on. Jim had been here since 1 PM, trying to remain attentive as his staff diussed issues that he needed to hear primarily for the point of helping his team feel heard. They were small issues they should be able to resolve for themselves, but occasionally the team just needed to vent before plunging back in to solve problems. His attention already had started to wane when he felt the double pulse vibration of his cell phone alerting him to a new text message.

Pulling the phone from his suit pants and holding it beneath the conference room table, he quickly scanned the message. He did not want to appear insensitive or inattentive to his teammates, even though they already had resolved the heart of the matter and merely needed to implement the solution.

His breath stopped and his eyes widened as he read the message.
Meet me at the Wyndham Suites near your office. Suite 317. Key under your pseudonym at the front desk.

"Is everything okay, Jim?" his assistant asked, seeing his attention divert for a moment.

"Yes. Everything is fine. Just a problem with the quarterly board report the CEO wants me to fix before the meeting next week. I appreciate you all sharing your concerns. It sounds like you have got this resolved guys. Great work today! Unless there is something else, I am going to go get started on this project," Jim said, motioning toward his cell phone.

Jim nearly raced to the parking deck. His heart was pounding with excitement as he began the short drive to the hotel. This afternoon might turn out alright after all, he thought.

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6/14/2018 1:59 pm

After Aster sent out the message to Jim from Suite 317, she stepped into the shower trying to figure out what’s going on.

He’s been quite persistent. Tenacious. And resolute.
To all its immensity and Intensity that she ended up in this hotel room waiting for him.

She knows that she is not the only woman he’s been interacting with. It’s not that she is jealous. Not at all. She doesn’t believe in “one and only” at all. Not at all. It’s this mental and emotional complexity that brought her to Suite 317.

Never the less, He, Jim, told her yesterday, “it likely will be a two participant story.”.

Well, She’s heard some kind of fairy from the remote mountain say things like this, “There is nothing to understand. Just deal with it. “

The water in the shower is still running. Yet she could hear the man had just opened the door…

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6/14/2018 6:17 pm

Jim enters the room nervously, unsure what to expect from Aster. She's been an utterly invaluable member of Jim's inner circle at work. They met working on a project that bridged some of the roles between their two departments. Over time, Jim had begun to trust and confide in Aster even though Aster was an assistant to another of their mutual co-workers, Tom. Something about her excited Jim, some intangible quality he could not begin to describe but found inexorably intoxicating.

When their professional relationship led to occasional flirtation, the impact hit Jim like a tsunami. He had no idea what to make of it. He jokingly (or so he tried to convince himself) suggested that if they kept up the frequency of their after hours meetings on the shared work project, people would begin to think they were meeting up at a hotel, too.

Though he never imagined this would be the result, her text message thrilled him beyond belief. As he stood there just inside the door, pondering the significance of their meeting today, he heard the squeak of the shower faucet as the rushing water slowed to a steady drip, then ceased.

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6/15/2018 4:23 am

Jim stands, nervously waiting inside the hotel suite to which Aster has invited him. He is full of intrigue for Aster and her beautiful but quiet ways. Aster stands, deliciously naked, still dripping from the warm caress of the shower, like the blossom of a calla lilly glistening with wetness following a spring rain. Tall, pure, clean, white, full of curves and delicate beauty, and with an elegance beyond description.

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6/15/2018 9:40 pm

Supervisor Jim has been showing signs of his restless energy.
Only two weeks ago Aster was transferred from Supervisor Tom’s department to Jim’s “inner circle “. She’s been receiving private messages from Jim in the name of “business project”.

” I hope you are willing and able to continue this project with me. I am enjoying it immensely…”..
“You are full of total mystery”…
” the only glimpses of you I've had…”

Those were symptom of wanting something. Carrying a secret with him filled with hidden force. There is something in him that yearns to be satisfied…. He was releasing an indication trying to say something. Something about himself that he wants Aster to know.

So the significance of the meeting at this hotel room is to experience reality and fantasy blended in one. The significance of the meeting now is to balance the personal and the impersonal.

Aster stands, in the presence of this man. She takes his hand and takes one step forward…

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6/16/2018 3:47 am

Jim takes Aster by the hand. Here in this room, she looks so different than she did just an hour ago. Fresh from the shower, water still glistening on her smooth, soft skin, Jim suddenly is keenly aware of her exquisite, feminine beauty.

What is this, he thought, drawing us together? The emails we exchanged about the business project, were we discussing the business project? The need for completion, the need to explore and see where the project lead, was it really about the project?

Seeking the clarity of Truth, Jim wrapped his arms around her and pulled her wet, glistening body toward him, admiring the fact that the only towel she wore from the bathroom had been wrapped around her hair. And thus, she stood before him, bear, naked, exposed, vulnerable. There she stood, awaiting the mutual discovery of chemistry between them.

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6/17/2018 9:58 pm

The clarity of Truth is that they are hand in hand and face to face right here now. Aster feels tense being naked in front of this new supervisor. Exposed and vulnerable. Is this forbidden lust ? Yes, It’s forbidden. That’s what gives lust strength. Strength to pull and push at the same time. She must realize that she is now in a second “Inner circle”...This means she has a lot more to experience.

Aster stands. Burning and blushing. Her blood is running amok inside her system. Her entire naked body is tingling. That’s an invasion undertaken by lust. Hiding her face on Jim’s neck, she feels Jim’s hands rubbing her back. A few days ago Jim put his hand on her back while she was typing. It made her concentration on her work come to a halt. … It was a shock.

The clarity of Truth now is Jim has been very quiet since he walked into this hotel room. He usually talks a lot at the office and now suddenly lost all his words. He is holding Aster and rubbing her back ….

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6/18/2018 7:43 am

Jim takes Aster by the hand and pulls her closer to him. Her eyes look up to meet his, looking for understanding of this moment. Jim returns her gaze, looking to her eyes for help placing this moment in context.

Is it just curiosity? Repressed desire? He still barely can comprehend the forces between them drawing them to this moment in time, playing itself out, script-less, as they stand in the hotel room.

Alone together and away from their workplace, Jim longs to explore the... (is it attraction? chemistry? desire?)... the silent longing that pulls him toward Aster. Jim wonders if Aster feels something similar or whether her expression of it would be different than his.

Slowly and tenderly, he places a finger beneath her chin and turns her mouth upward to meet his. Closing his eyes, he leans in for a slow, lingering, tender first kiss.

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6/19/2018 3:48 pm

At this moment of Truth Jim is staring at Aster. His beautiful eyes are unwavering.

The two are hand in hand and face to face. Aster feels tense being naked in front of this new supervisor. Exposed and vulnerable. Unable to speak . Is this forbidden lust ? Yes, It’s forbidden. That’s what gives lust strength. Strength to pull and push at the same time. She must realize that she is now in a second “Inner circle”...This means she has a lot more to experience.

Aster stands. Burning and blushing. The blood in her veins is running amok throughout her system. Her entire naked body is tingling. That’s an invasion. Invaded by mystical forces. Hiding her face by Jim’s ear, the two hearts are beating together---this is actually not allowed.

Jim is rubbing her back---very slowly and carefully. The same sensation brings her back a few days ago when Jim put his hand on Aster’s back while she was typing at the office. The simple gentle touch triggered a sudden lose of her concentration on her work.…. It was a shock.

This moment of truth at this hotel room they are closing their eyes and their lips meet for a first kiss.

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6/20/2018 12:06 pm

Feeling Aster's breath against his ear, Jim becomes completely aroused, and aware of minute details. He feels the breath on his ear, hot and heavy, and rising and falling in tempo with his own. His heart is beating so loudly he can hear it in his chest and ringing in his ears. He feels their heartbeats throbbing together as they lean into each other in their desire.

Soft. Tender. Wet. The first taste of Aster as her lips met Jim's were amazing. Jim's eyes squeezed tightly closed at first, his facial expressions revealing that he is overcome by the moment. Softly and tenderly they continued kissing. Jim gradually opened his eyes as they continued. He marveled at her face, taking in each bit of her. He so desperately wanted to see her eyes in this moment, for her to open her eyes and see him gazing intently and expectantly into hers.

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