What Is Today????  

pocogato12 66F  
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6/14/2018 6:48 am
What Is Today????

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pocogato12 66F  
19168 posts
6/14/2018 7:19 am

Flag Day

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XHamburgDave 74M  
3466 posts
6/14/2018 8:23 am

Poco I'll Drink to that

pocogato12 replies on 6/14/2018 10:17 am:
Just a little sip!! Happy Thursday

lok4fun500 108M  
40076 posts
6/14/2018 9:56 am

I don't have any bourbon, but I do have a flag!

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pocogato12 replies on 6/14/2018 4:10 pm:
Great photo Thanks for sharing

Apollorising2057 57M  
4559 posts
6/14/2018 10:36 am

On flag day my flag is up!

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pocogato12 replies on 6/14/2018 4:10 pm:
Good Man

citizen4722 60M  
56121 posts
6/14/2018 12:51 pm

This is the flag of Cornwall

pocogato12 replies on 6/14/2018 4:11 pm:
Thanks for sharing. Except for the background color it reminds me of the Scotch flag Cross of St Anne

LisaLipgloss 52T  
6008 posts
6/14/2018 3:44 pm

I'm impressed you're aware that in Scotland there's no 'e' in whisky.

Walk this way.

pocogato12 replies on 6/14/2018 4:12 pm:
I have visited Scotland twice and one of the visits was
distillery hopping. I learned a lot

azriel1970 47M  
20871 posts
6/15/2018 5:02 am

I would love some bourbon!!!!!

June 14th is also the birthday for the US Army!!!!! I will visit Pal's blog as well.

pocogato12 replies on 6/15/2018 7:47 am:
PAl's blog is awesome

author51 55F  
57483 posts
6/15/2018 6:34 am

I have never had Bourbon and I did have a photo of our two countries flags to share here but can not find it.....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

pocogato12 replies on 6/15/2018 7:48 am:
I am not a fan of bourbon but will take a tiny sip if a toast is required.

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