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After 4 months working for Irina, she call me, she wanted to talk with me, after we had dinner, she gave me a credit card, saying, to use It to transfer my wages every month and to use It to pay for whatever, she tells me to take my husband and to go on holidays, she ask about my husband, I tell her, he is OK1 with me doing this, after a week I was back from Otto, Irina wanted to meet my husband, they become very good friends, my husband telling Irina, he new one day was going to happen, he tells her, I was to desirable to men, saying, you can married a strawberry cake and expected to eat It on your own, Irina, started to laugh, saying, I like your husband, he is a very down to earth man, anyway, after dinner, she tells me on Friday, we are going to Istanbul, saying, shy needs to talk to her man in Istanbul, I was so happy a kissed her, saying, I love It, the next Friday we fly to Istanbul, the same day, Irina tells me, to stay in my room till she calls me, she will be talking business with him, around 11pm, she calls me to tell me to go to his room, He open the door, he is wearing his bathrobe, I can tell he just had a shower, ( I LIKE THAT ) I take off my spring light coat, I am standing naked with my high hills, he looks at me, saying, so you are the AFTER DINNER TURKISH DELIGHT, that every body talks about, he takes his bathrobe off, ( HE IS IN HIS LATE FIFTIES , TALL AND GOOD LOOKING, ) In Turkish he tells me to suck his cock, I kneel, hold his soft cock with both hands, I start sucking very gently the tip of his cock and taking his cock inside my mouth he starts moaning and saying, HO YES! HO YES!, while his cock is growing bigger inside my mouth, slowly he takes me to the bed, lying on his back, I, kneeling between his legs, holding and squeezing his balls very gently and my mouth lips on his ball, with his whole cock inside my mouth I start sucking It with my throat, his moaning is very loud now, soon I start feeling his cum going down my throat, he gets up and starts fucking mu mouth, holding my head, he presses my head harder on his lap, every time he jerks off , he is going to take his cock off my mouth, I push him back on the bed and start sucking his cock again, It takes him a long time to start pumping cum inside my throat again, while I was sucking his cock for the second time ( I WANTED HIM TO BE VERY HAPPY, I WAS THINKING, MY SISTER, MY SISTER IN LAW AND MY NIECES WRE HERE IN ISTANBUL ) he is very happy, saying, they are wright to call you THE QUEEN OF COCK SUCKING, he then, tells me, he has to have an other pill to keep enjoying my body, after he is finish with me, he tells me, his name is GOLD! ( MAYBE) he is a Sephardi Jew, his family been in Istanbul for generations, before I leave him, I ask him if can I stay with him for a week, he holds me up, saying, he was going to ask Irina, if he could keep me for awhile, on Sunday he takes me to a house, on the Bosphorus, in the evening he takes me out for dinner, to fish restaurant by the Bosphorus he loves It, he is showing me off to his friends, while we were having dinner, 3 off his friends came in, one of them, I met in London, they decide to join us for dinner, they tell us to have dinner tomorrow again, out side he tells me, the one I met in London, calls me THE QUEEN OF COCK FUCKING, the next day, I ask him, if we could take my sister in law with us, he says OK! but he does not look happy, I phone Esra, I tell her all about IT,on the way to the restaurant, we pick Esra, Esra is wearing a very sexy short dress, I let her sit in front Esra loves the car, she is looking very excited and impress, he starts talking to Esra, he is telling Esra, how beautiful her legs are, Esra starts laughing very loud, saying, thank you! I am glad you like them! we get to the restaurant, now Esra, is really impress, his friends come in, we all having dinner, they are having oysters and Raki, ( ESRA AND IER DRANK A BIT TO MUCH ) Gold tells them, my oyster taste better, Esra starts laughing, saying her oyster taste very good too, the men start to laugh, gold saying, as soon as we finish we will have two AFTER DINNER TURKISH DELIGHTS, we go home, Esra with the other 3 men, when we are in front garden of the house, Esra comes out of the car laughing very loud, with her dress around her waist, one man with his hand on her pussy, Esra trying to close her legs, the other kissing her tits, I run to her and pull her dress up and down, Telling her to wait to get inside the house, while I am doing that, Gold comes behind me pulls my dress up my panties down throws me on the hood of the car, takes his cock out and starts fucking me, the other 3 have Esra naked with her legs apart, one man fucking her from behind, bend down and the other two men taking turns, fucking her mouth, It takes a while before we end up inside the house, we are all naked drinking Raki again, Turkish music starts playing, Esra and I, we start belly dancing, I pick up a glass of Raki and pour It on Esra's tits licking the Raki off her tits, Esra takes the glass fills her mouth and kisses me in the mouth, I grab her hair, pulling her head back and kissing her harder, with the other hand I grab her pussy and start squeezing her pussy, Gold takes me a couch, telling me to suck his cock, Esra ends up sucking one cock while stroking the other two, we end up in deferent bedrooms with two men each, I end up sucking the cocks of Gold and the one I met in London, while I am sucking cocks, I can hear Esra shouting and laughing very loud in the next room like a woman mad with pleasure, Gold lies on his back, tells me to sit on his cock, bends me to kiss me, the other one, rams his cock inside my asshole, I start shouting to fuck me harder in my ass, Gold bends me putting my hands on the wall, they both started pushing their cocks inside my ass, Is so painful, I have a sock, I leg go my hands off the wall, trying to get their cock off my ass, their pushing so hard I hit the wall hard with both of them hitting my body making most their cocks go inside my ass, they kept pushing trying to get their whole cocks inside my ass, I start screaming with tears on my eyes, telling them to stop, my screams were making them more excited and they start pushing harder, after I found out, Esra was laughing and screaming so loud, they were doing the same thing to her, but she was telling them to push harder, around 5 am, they left, Esra and I went to bed with Gold and fall to sleep an hour later, the next evening we went for dinner to a different restaurant, gave gold I very good time, and them, I told him, what I was thinking when I was sucking his cock at the hotel, on Sunday we were to have a big gang bang with my sister and my nieces. The gang bang Will be part 4

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keep the good stories coming! Nice read - maybe a little bit difficult at times.

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Write on!

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