WELCOME TO MY BLOG. i am a married woman, who enjoys very kinky sex with mature older men, from experience I can say, mature older men are really like wine, the older the better they taste, the best ones are those married men, that their wives wont let them do to them, the things they do to a Turkish delight in front of them, standing naked and wearing high hills. And the things they make me do to them.
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Posted:Oct 2, 2017 4:28 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2018 1:44 pm
It happened, a few weeks later, after my gang bang, with JOHN and his friends, Friday morning, before I go to work, Nick, tells me that , his parents had a fight and his father is coming to stay the weekend, and he is going to stay with his mother, so Friday night, my 77 years old father in law and I, watch TV, he took his pills and went to sleep, in the morning, before I go to work, I ask him to pick me up, so we can have dinner, and maybe go to see a movie, at around 12 he is talking to my boss, after a while, my boss, tells us, to go and have lunch, in Ton y's restaurant, while we were having lunch, a guy selling roses, approaches the table, and he asks my father in law, to buy a rose for your beautiful lady, Tony, is smiling on the back the back of my father in law, I take one and I say than k you darling, for buying me a rose, I tell him that, they thin k you are my sugar daddy, he asks me what is a sugar daddy, after I explained, he says, so they think, I am your sugar daddy, he looks a bit embarrass, after a while chatting about Nick, ( his son, my husband ) when we are leaving, he takes my hand to help me up, and them, It happened, my nipples harden and my pussy twitching, he makes me feel horny, so I hold his arm, and we walk out, I tell him, that I feel a bit dizzy, I ask him to walk around for a while, so we are walking and chatting, looking at the shop windows, I am looking at a pair of nice boots, He asks me, if I like them , I say yes!, so he says he like to buy them for me, he then said, Isn't that what sugar daddies do for their girl friends, we both start laughing, while we are buying the boots, and me lifting my dress a bit more that I needed to, asking him if they look good he says, they look very good, ( I know he is looking at my legs, so I say you really like them, he says very much, , while he is paying, I ask him, if we could have a drink, he said OK! we walk back to Hussein's hotel, we at the bar drinking champagne, Hussein comes, he says hello, and he says, so this is nick's father, he then starts saying how good girl I am, Hussein excuses himself, saying he has things to do, while we are chatting and drinking, he lays a hand on my knees from time to time, and every time he does that, I feel my pussy twitching, my nipples had been hard, since he first touched me, we leave the hotel and decide to walk a bit more, as soon as we turn the corner to the main street, my father in law takes my hand, I feel a bit dizzy again, so I hold his arm tighter, while we walking, I ask him, if you really like my legs, he looks, he says YES VERY MUCH! but I could not look at them properly, so right there in the street, I lift my dress up, while he is staring at my legs, a man tells him, that you are one lucky fellow, we both start laughing, I tell him we should go home now, as soon as we go in his car, I lift my dress up to my waist, take my panties of, open my legs, he starts stroking my legs very gently, moving his hand slowly to my pussy, as soon as he starts fingering my pussy, I start gasping with pleasure, we start kissing, his finger inside my ass, I telling to stop, I want to go home quickly, as soon as we are inside the house, I give him the pill, telling him, that tonight, is the only one he is going to need, I ask him to dance, he says, is not music, I hold him tight, saying go needs music, while we are dancing he starts kissing me, his tongue deep in my mouth , after a while I started feeling his prick growing against my boson, I look up in his eyes, WOWWWWW! I start pressing my body harder, his hands are moving down my back, he starts lifting my dress up, I lift my arms up, so he can take my dress off, he pushes me away gently, he is staring down at my body, and specially at my pubic area, he grabs my buttocks real hard, he pushes my body on his, whispering on my hear, you fucking gorgeous bitch, he tells me to go down on my knees, take his cock out and suck It, I take out and started siding my tongue all over his big cock, I could feel his cock throbbing as my tongue swirled around his cockhead, he then grab my head and pushes my head down on his cock, I can feel his cock hitting the back of my throat, going deeper an d deeper till my lips are touching his balls, I gasp in shock at his roughness, he starts moaning and pushing his balls harder on my mouth, I can feel his load going down m y throat, as soon as he finish, he pushes me on the floor, he is staring at my cunt, with his cock still hard, he lifts me up. throws me on the couch, open my legs, he starts eating my pussy, while pinching and pulling my nipples real hard, his mouth feels so good on my pussy, his tongue swirling inside my pussy, the pleasure is so intense, I start gasping for air as I having my orgasm, he does not stop eating my pussy, he keeps his tongue inside my pussy, sucking my juices, with tears of joy, I am trying to push his head away from my pussy, telling him to stop, while I am laughing and telling him, that you are killing me, when he lets my pussy go, he tells me to open a bottle of wine, I am laying on his lap, with his hard cock between my legs, he is kissing my nipples while I am drinking, his mobile rings, he tells me that he is my husband, his son, he is talking to him, while I am stroking his gorgeous cock, he them, your husband wants to talk to you, while I am talking to his son, he lifts me up a open my legs and drops me on his cock, pushing his cock all the way inside my pussy, I scream AAAAAAAH! my husband ask me , what happened, I tell him, that I fall with my legs open, and I heart myself, I tell him I am OK! now I am siting very comfortable now, my husband ask me how is his father doing, while his father is pulling me up and down on his cock, his balls slapping my clit, my tits bouncing around wildly, I am telling him that he is doing very well, and he is eating a lot, He is fucking me so hard, I start moaning and gasping with pleasure I am having an orgasm again,, his cum coming out of my pussy onto his balls, I get up kneel in front of his father, and start licking clean his cock and balls swallowing every drop of his sweet cum, my husband, is asking me if I am all right, I tell him, that I am having pain between my legs when I fall, and I think, I need to put some cream, or It will be more painful later, he tells me to do that, and he will phone me tomorrow again, my father in law, tells me to bring the cream, I am going to need It, when he fucks me in the ass, we drink some more wine for a while, we chat, he wants to take me shopping in the morning, I am striking his cock, he gets hard again, he turns me around, he very slowly starts putting cream on my ass, I am giggling with pleasure while he is putting the cream, he grabs my hips, and starts teasing me with his cock touching my asshole with his cockhead, now I am mad with desire, I am begging him to fuck me in the ass, he starts slowly, I am shaking my head, telling him to go all the way, He says OK BICH! he grabs my hips tighter and rums his cock all the way inside my ass, I start screaming with joy and pleasure, he starts slapping his balls on my ass, he starts pumping my ass full of his cum, when his done, he collapses on the couch, and tells me, to take a shower, he tells me I smell like a use condom, Sunday, we go shopping, and by 6 we were in bed enjoying each other, but in a more relaxing way, at 10 my husband phones, I am tiding his cock, foe the third time, he asks me how is my pain, I tell him that is getting worse, I tell him that every time I put cream, It hurts again, he asks me to talk to his father, I tell him to phone him on his mobile, because he is in bed resting,, as soon as I switch off my mobile, my father in law tells me to suck his cock while he is talking to his son, his mobile rings, he talks to his son for a long while. I am taking my time enjoying stroking and sucking his cock, then he says we will see you tomorrow around 10, we sleep 4 hors, we finish having sex around 5 ion the morning, My husband found up about us, after a few weeks,, we went to Paris, for an other dirty weekend,

Posted:Oct 20, 2014 4:21 pm
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2018 6:36 am
My husband likes me being use by other men. it all started, when I met Said, and his Turkish friends, I knew, he love It, but we only talk about It, when David's wife, stop coming to the boutique, ( for health reasons,) and I decide to suck David's cock, and I started, delivering dresses to men staying at the hotel. ( dresses they bought for their wives.). read my BLOGS to enjoy my promiscuity with men and women.

Posted:Apr 18, 2018 1:25 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 4:37 pm
A few weeks after I started working in the boutique, I haven't had sex with a man than 3 months, David's wife, would not let the clients take to dinner, near my house there was a kebab shop, I stop a few times for a take away kebab, that they my husband phoned me to tell me, he will be late, It was a hot sunny day, so I decide to eat at the kebab shop, I sat in the small room at the back by the big window, That I could see the garden, I pick up a Turkish newspaper, an old Turkish man serve me, when he saw me reading the newspaper, he ask me if I was Turkish, I say yes! from Istanbul, he told me, his name was Said, he was from Kayseri, from a small village near the city, when he told me the name, I laugh, saying my parents were from there too, he ask me my family name, when I told him, he started to laugh, saying he new my parents, he ask me, if he could join me after for tea, I say, you can bring the tea now, he started telling me how he came to London with 4 friends, that they knew my parents as well, he then started telling jokes about his friends, no speaking good English after so many years in this country, he started making fun of the village women, he was making me laugh a lot, he ask me if I would like a glass of rake ( very strong Turkish drink, that, we drink with water, ) after the first one, we have an other one, he took me to the garden, very nice hot evening, He kept making me laugh with his comments and jokes, He ask me if my husband was Turkish, ( he saw my wedding ring ) I told him, my husband is English, then my husband phone, he ask me if I was home, I say not, I am at the kebab shop with a friend, he tells me, he will get home later than he thought, I told him OK!, ( I realise, I did not say female or male friend,) He tells me his wife divorce him, more than ten years ago, I was on my fourth glass of rake, felling a bit to happy and comfortable, a bit horny too, ( To long with out sex with a different man, he was charming, he was making me laugh, I was having a good time, instead of being home, waiting for my husband, ) I ask him what happed, he tells me, he can not tell me, I take his hand calling him, by his name, Said, please tell me, I move my chair closer to him, letting my skirt go up, he looks at my legs, telling me his wife saw him, watching her grand daughter naked in the shower through the door key hole, I started laughing, asking him, how old was she, he tells me 16 years old, he tells me, she had very nice tits, while he starts preparing two more glasses of rake, he asks me how old am I? I tell him, 26 years old, married and right now horny, I ask him his age, he tells me he is 76 years old,i tell him he looks very good for his age, all this rake we were having, was making me hot, I tell him that is hot today, he say, a bit to hot, and he starts opening his shirt, I was a bit to drunk and to horny, I unbutton my blouse, and let him see my tits, He closes my blouse, and tells me, to come with him upstairs, to his flat, to see pictures from his village, as I stand up a bit to quick and I felt a bit dizzy, but by the time we get to the stairs, I feel ok again, he steps in front of me to go up, I tell him, ladies first, take my panties off, lifting my skirt up and start going up, with him behind saying NICE! VERY NICE!, he tells me he needs to take a shower, I tell him that I need a cold one, he tells me, there is an other shower in the other room, By the time he comes out, I am laying naked on his bed, ( KING SIZE BED ) he tells me, he is a very lucky man to have such a good looking Turkish whore on his bed, I tell him, You have a very big nice soft cock, , and I started taking pictures of him with my mobile, he takes his mobile and starts taking pictures of me, I tell him to come to me and give me a big hug and to hold me tight on your arms, he holds me very tight for a long time, pushing me up slowly, till his face is between my tits, I start playing with his hair, telling him to take his time kissing my tits and sucking my nipples, I started calling him, my sweet buyukbaba, ( GRAND FATHER IN TURKISH ) I am enjoying so much and making him so happy, I start telling him what my grand father and I Telling him, how he lick my pussy and how good I felt sucking his cock, after a while I push him away very gently, going down to suck his cock, as I start sucking his cock, he ask me, what I am going to do, I tell him, I am going to suck your cock, my husband phone, I tell him, sorry darling, hold a minute, I am talking to the waiter ( we had been talking in Turkish all the time ) In Turkish I ask him, if I am the first woman to suck your cock, he says yes! I ask my husband, if every thing is Ok, he tells me he will be very late before ha comes home, While he is talking to me I am sucking Said's cock, making very pleasing sounds, my husband tells me, It sounds like you really enjoying your kebab, I tell him, the best Turkish kebab I ever had, I put the mobile on the floor and start sucking harder taking his whole cock inside my mouth said starts gasping and moaning as I suck his cock, after a while he holds my head turns me around pressing my face down with his body, as pushing his cock inside my mouth, his balls hitting my chin every time he thrust his cock inside my mouth, more than two hours later, I am still sucking his cock, we both were enjoying so much, we could have go on all night, I start thinking, if he ever eat pussy before, when I ask him, he tells me not, he tells me, he can remember when was last time he had sex with a woman or with his wife, I sit against the headboard of the bed, open my legs, grab his head, I tell him to open his mouth and take his tongue out, I pull his face between my legs, not long he starts holding my ass pushing his face harder on my pussy, his tongue moving inside my pussy, I am so fucking horny, my pussy is the first one he enjoys and probably the only one, after we lay side ways on the bed me sucking his cock him eating my pussy, we both forget about time, while I am still sucking cock, I pick up the phone, to check the time, the phone run out of battery, It means I forgot to switch It off, and probably my husband was listening ( GOOD JO B< WE WERE TALKING TURKISH AKK THE TIME, ) I take his head off my pussy and ask him the time, he tells me 2 am, we been eating and sucking each other for more than 6 hours, It look to us like we just stated, I ask him about his friends, he tells me that, they are real Turks, they don't speak good English real rough men, what about women, two of them are married, their wives fat and ugly, the other two I don't think they ever had a woman or if they did, must be cheap ugly whores, I tell him perfect, tell them about me and what we did, today is Tuesday, on Sunday I want you and your friends here for a bit more fun. I got home around 3 am, my husband comes a bit later, while I am having a shower, he tells me, I left my phone on, he tells me he listen for a while, but you and some guy were shouting so much and the Turkish music so loud, I switch It off,
Posted:Jul 31, 2018 8:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 1, 2018 6:52 am
I went to Istanbul to take Esra and Sude and to pick the keys to the villa by the black sea from Irina's Partner, ( the villa was close to a town called Inebolu )we went to Ankara to pick up the 9 Russian business men, Only 4 arrived and they only spook Russian, I phone The partner, after he talk to them, he told me, the other 5 will arrive 4 days later, I told Esra to wait for them at the hotel, Esra was very happy to stay in a 5 star hotel for 4 days in her own, the next day we went to the villa, on the way Sude was very excited and looking forward to get to the villa, telling me how good looking and mature they were, we arrived at the villa around 2 pm, very Isolated surround by a forest and with one small road in and out, the beach very private, just a couple of hundred meters away, the pantry and walk in freezer full and caviar and lots of vodka, after we settled in Sude and I went to the small beach for a swim, the Russians came after an hour, behaving very formal an trying not to disturb us while they were swimming and playing with a plastic ball, ( they look like little children ) after a while we were all lying and sun bathing, Sude stands up facing the men and ask me to rub lotion on her body, I started rubbing cream on her legs with my hands squeezing her thighs sliding my fingers under her bikini fingering just her pussy lips, moving to her body and tits rubbing lots of cream on her tits under her bikini top, suddenly the 4 Russian were in the water, Sude and I laughing, taking the top of our bikinis off we went in the water, Sude and we are splashing water on each other, I turn Sude around and take her bikini bottom off and run out of the water, she starts screaming pretending to be upset, making sure the Russians see what's happening, she stars coming out very slowly making sure the men can see her naked wet body, taking her time to wear her bikini bottom again, She push me on the send and takes my bikini bottom running closer to the Russian men, I am running after her, telling her, ( IN TURKISH ) to get closer to them, now I am pretending to take my bikini bottom from Sude, after a few minutes I take it back and very slowly I start wearing It again, after the Russian men left, Sude and I stay till our bodies had a nice suntan, we took a shower and we started preparing something to eat in the garden with belly dancing music playing, Sude and I wearing short see through white dresses, after dinner I bring out caviar an 6 bottles of frozen vodka Sude and I we take a bottle each and start belly dancing, after a few drinks strait from the bottle, Sude starts touching my pussy under my dress, The Russians started to laugh and talk very loud I Take my dress off and start taking Sudes's dress off, now the men are standing and clapping their hands dancing around us, I kneel on the grass with Sude on my lap, I grab her hair, pulling her head back, I start kissing her tits, neck and on her mouth pushing my tongue indide her mouth and sucking her tongue making very loud sucking noises, while I am sucking her tongue and kissing her, I push the vodka bottle inside her pussy, Sude start to moan very loud with pleasure, I take the bottle off her pussy and take a long drink, One of the men takes Sude from me and he starts kissing her and pushing his vodka bottle inside her pussy and drinking strait from It, I take two of them. pulling their shorts down, Filling my mouth with vodka I start sucking their hard cocksThe other two are standing with Sude up side down between them, one is sucking her pussy the other pushing his tongue inside her ass, and Sude sucking one while stroking the other, I sit on the table with my legs open, grab a handful of caviar pushing It inside my pussy and start pouring vodka on top of my pussy, the two Russian men started sucking my pussy like mad men, soon Sude was on top of the table and the Russian men pushing hands full of caviar, but instead of sucking her pussy the started fucking her at the same time, I did not take long for both men to start cumming pumping her pussy full on cum, Sude's pussy dripping with cum full of caviar, I push the two Russian men away and started sucking and swallowing lots of very fishy tasty cum, as I was moaning with pleasure sucking and swallowing Sude's pussy, one of them started pushing o bottle inside my ass pushing very hard trying to push the whole bottle inside my ass, vodka spilling deep inside my ass, I was getting so fucking horny I started twisting my hips and pushing back Shouting to him In Turkish to push harder, My ass were on fire, as soon as he took the bottle out, I put my ass on Sude's mouth, telling her to drink vodka as It came out of my ass, As I was doing that, two of them took me on the grass making me sit on his cock while the other was fucking me in the ass, Sude was doing the same thing, they took their time, before I end up on top of one sucking his cock while he suck my pussy,an other was entering my ass, after a long while, they men were resting on the grass, Sude and I started turning them over on their tommy pouring vodka on their assholes sucking and drinking from them, the lights went out, we saw the moon was full, and we could see very well, Sude and I we took their hands and took them down to the beach, we all drunk so much vodka, It was not easy to get to the beach, we all went in the water, Sude and I start sucking soft cocks, the cold water was not helping, It took a bit of time for them to get hard again, Sude and I we loved It making their soft cocks hard again, the sun came out and Sude and I we were still sucking cocks and getting fuck, having a very fulfilling fucking time, the next day was much better, I gave them the pill. 5 days later Esra came with the other five on a mini saloon car that she rented, she came out naked.

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Posted:Jul 5, 2018 4:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2018 2:11 pm
I was with out sex for more than a week, Irina me to meet her at the hotel, so Friday before I meet Irina I went to the boutique first, Jose, the old Portuguese window cleaner was cleaning the glass front door, his tools were in the middle of the door, I told him, no to move the tool box, so he offer me his hand to help me to go over his tools, as soon as our hands touched, I had a very horny and lusting feeling, I felt like sucking his cock right there, as soon as I was inside the boutique, I told of the Portuguese fitters to tell him, to wait for me that I had a job for him and his brother, I met Irina, she told me, I have to fly to Ankara on Sunday to meet a few Russian men that they want to do business with us in Turkey,, after my meeting with Irina, I went back to the boutique, told the Portuguese cleaner to come with his brother to my flat to do some heavy lifting in my flat, ( I employ this Portuguese cleaner, 3 years ago ) Saturday morning around 9 o'clock, Jose and more Portuguese men came in, ( I told him to bring his brother only, his English was very limited, ) I was very happy to see instead of men, when I open the door, I was wearing my high hills with a short silk bath robe with nothing underneath, I took them to the kitchen to have some coffee, while they were sitting waiting, I was moving around the kitchen bending and pretending to look for things, making sure they could see plenty of my body, Coffee ready I turn around holding the tray with the coffees, my silk bath robe open, I put the tray down on the table and took my time to close It again, ( I NOTICE THEY LOOK EMBARRASS AND BIG BULKS ON THEIR TROUSERS ) I started feeling very horny and a very big desire to suck their cocks, they started talking in Portuguese with their hands touching the front of their trousers, I got up, open my silk robe and dropping It on the floor, asking them, YOU LIKE! I started laughing seeing how quick and clumsy were taking their cloths off, as soon as they were naked, I sat on the edge of the table, Jose naked, pushing my legs open stated sucking my pussy very strongly and roughly, pushing his tongue deep inside my pussy, his friends on my sides, pulling my hair and head backwards while Squeezing my tits and sucking my nipples, I grab their heads and push them harder on my tits, I was going mad with pleasure, moaning very loud, Jose was pushing his tongue and face on my pussy so hard, I started having a very glorious orgasm, I close my legs around Jose's head,screaming and shouting to push his head harder on my pussy, while I was going mad with pleasure, I grab the other 's head and stated kissing them pushing my tongue deep inside their mouths and sucking their tongues very hard, soon I was on top of the kitchen table, Jose talking in Portuguese kneeling on my Tits holding my hair on the sides of my head and pushing his big thick uncut cock deep inside my mouth down my throat, pulling my hair and keeping my head and lips pressing on his balls, pumping his cum down my throat, the other taking turns on my pussy, sucking harder than Jose, as soon as Jose takes his cock out of my mouth, he talks to them in Portuguese, his brother is pushing his uncut cock deep inside my mouth, as soon as he is finish their friend is pushing his uncut cock deep inside my mouth, while their friend is pumping his cum inside my throat, I grab his ass and start pushing my head harder on his cock, Jose's brother is sucking my pussy so hard I start having an other glorious orgasm, Jose is on top of me again, his brother and their friend fucking my pussy both at the same time pushing their cocks inside my pussy, when they all finish fucking my pussy, I was bending on top of the table, the of them fucking my ass hole, while I was fingering my pussy and having an other orgasm, no more than hour went by they sat on the table looking very please, ( I think they thought It was finish ) after a while I took them to the bedroom and now I started enjoying my self, sucking their soft cocks, taking my time to bring them back to life, Riding each , which It took time to make them cum, I having an orgasm with each cock, by 12 o'clock I gave them the pill, It wasn't long before I had cock inside my mouth, pussy and asshole, now we were all enjoying, It was 7 o'clock by the time they left, 10 days ago I went to Ankara to meet the few Russian men, 9 mature very rough Russian men they love vodka and caviar.

Posted:Jun 17, 2018 12:55 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2018 4:12 pm
Back in Istanbul from the bungalow, Esra tells me every thing is ready for Sunday, she tells me, Seray is bringing to friends, Seray told me, they were not very interested till she told them, were the party was and who was coming, Sunday around 7pm we are all waiting for the men to arrive, food is ready anmd lots of Raki, Meral my sister, Esra my sister in law, Sude Esra's daughter, Seray and her two friends, Bano and Ada, Gold told me, there are 23 men ( all Sephardi Jews ) coming, by 8 pm we are all eating and drinking, I start dancing with a man, Esra follows, Gold dancing with my young niece, every girl is dancing, 15 men are watching, I start kissing my man long and hard, I turn around pushing my ass on his cock, I call two more men to come and dance with us, now I have 3 men kissing me and touching me all over, my sister is going upstairs with to men, ESra naked two men kissing her tits going up as well, Gold lifting Sude my niece on his chest, Sude her arms around his shoulders, her legs around his waist Gold lifting her pink dress up, a man comes behind Sude and pulls down her panties, takes his trousers down hold his cock an start fucking her in her tight ass, Sude starts screaming with pleasure, Gold pull her pink dress off her and he starts kissing her little round tits, Gull is gone, Ada is gone, Gold and the other man are taking Sude upstairs, we are Bano and my self left downstairs dancing with 3 men each, on of them, push me on my knees I start taking their trousers down while they are taking their shirts off, I end up doing what I like the most, taking turns sucking cocks while stroking one on each hand, I am moaning very loud saying I LOVE IT! Bano starts moaning saying fuck my mouth, I look, Bano naked with two naked men on their knees one with his face pressing on her ass, one with his face between her legs, bending over the man with her face between her legs takes the other man's cock and starts sucking his cock, , after I sucked the three of them, we sit on a couch watching Bano siting on a cock,a man fucking her in the ass and an other fucking her mouth, I kneel in front of the men watching and starts sucking their cocks again they all pump Bano full of cum, Bano lying on the floor looking happy, she had a very nice orgasm, Bano lying on the flor naked, legs open, beautiful tits, nice shaved pussy, I move on top of her I start touching her tits, kissing her mouth sucking cum of her mouth, I move down on her pussy stating sucking cum of her pussy as well, I do the same thing to her asshole, we end up rolling on the floor kissing each other like crazy, while we are doing that, the 6 men start touching and kissing us again they spend a long time fucking every hole in our bodies, I left Bano with the 6 men, I go up to join my niece Sude, after I suck their coks and suck pussy clean of cum, I go to join Seray, in her room, she is screaming like a crazy woman in lots of pain, to men are fucking her in the ass at the same time, I pick her phone and I take pictures of her face, the men left around 3am, they were all married men the next day I wake up with Bano in my bed. I stated kissing her beautiful firm tits, in the evening I phone Irina, I tell her all about It, she tells me, Gold told her all about It and who was at the party, saying she was very happy and please, telling me, I did a very good thing and to take the girls shopping, I took Bano alone with me.

Posted:Jun 16, 2018 4:15 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2018 3:56 pm
On Thursday, Gold tells me, he can not get the party this Sunday, he says is too short notice, It has to be next Sunday, I was very disappointed, I tell Esra, what am I going to do till next Sunday, I tell Esra, I should go some where quite to rest, she tells me, she knows the perfect place, in Turkish Cyprus, she tells me is a Hotel casino, very quite during the day, only gambling people goes there, they gamble all night and they wake up very late, your brother and I we use to go there with my daughter ( SUDE ) in the morning in the day, we were most all the time alone in the beach, Esra tells me to give her an hour, she comes back to me, saying, all done, I book you a very private VIP bungalow you going tomorrow, I will take you to airport, around 7 pm, I am at the Hotel, in a small car a young boy takes me to my bungalow, he tells me about the rules, lots of drinks in the small bar and the fridge full of food and fruits, He tells me if I want hot food, to choose from he menu to phone reception, I sit on the terrace with a drink and around 10 pm I am all ready in bed, ( I CAN REMEMBER WHEN WAS LAST TIME I WAS IN BED THAT EARLY TO SLEEP BY MY SELF ) I wake up around 6am, I take a shower, wear my bikini and lie down on a very nice soft sun bed, around 7 am, the car is back with breakfast, around 9am, a little open truck with two men stops in front of my bungalow saying, they are the gardeners, asking me if they can work or they can come back later, I tell them, is OK! I notice they look at me from time to time, around 12 they left, I smile thinking, is not such a big garden to work for three hours, I go in the sea for a swim have some fruit with a glass of wine, after I lie on the bed with the air condition on, I wake up around 6pm, take a shower and walk to the Hotel restaurant, the restaurant is self service with cold and hot food and is pack with people, after dinner I walk down to the casino, sit at the bar, the casino is half full but It does not take long to get full, I walk looking around, every body is gambling with very serious faces, BORING! I decide to go back to my bungalow, I sit on my very nice terrace and have a few drinks, feeling a bit lonely, I decide to go for a swim, walk to the beach ( IS NOT VERY FAR ) take my dress off and swim naked, after my swim, lying naked on the terrace I started having very dirty thoughts, I end up masturbating lying naked on the terrace, Next morning my first thought is about the gardeners, smiling, I tell my self, you fucking bitch, you can't be more than 4 days with out a cock in your mouth, I prepare lemonade for the gardeners, breakfast comes, I have my breakfast, wear a very sexy bikini, lie down on the terrace to sun bath, close my eyes, I start thinking about the gardeners, how manly they look, looks like they are on their late fifties, 10,11, 12 clock and no gardeners, I am fucking fuming and very upset, I start drinking, around 2pm, I go for a swim to cool down and after drop to sleep, around 7pm I go to the restaurant to eat some thing, no a single man looks at me, go back to the bungalow, start drinking again, I phone Esra, telling her, this place is no fucking good, men here AND WOMEN only gamble here, Esra starts to laugh, saying, you suppose to rest and relax, I say, AND THE FUCKING GARDENERS DID NOT COME TODAY! Esra tells me, maybe there were working some where else, I say, Good night, I am going to swim naked, I take my dress off and walk to the sea naked, I end up masturbating again having to much to drink, I wake up around 8am, breakfast is on the table on the terrace, after breakfast I take a shower, while I am having a shower, the gardeners come, I put my sexy bikini again very fast, I come out lying on my sun bed, open my legs resting them on the sides of the sun bed, so they can have a good view, I was thinking to wait for an hour before offering them lemonade, but after 10 minutes a get up. go inside and come out with the lemonade and two glasses, I walk to them, saying, take yous T-shirts off, you are sweating to much, you must be very thirsty, I start asking question about the rosses and the plants, after awhile I tell them my name Is Nural, they tell me they are Kurds and their names are Attila and Tolga, Attila looks like a real Attila, after a while I go and lie down again, with my legs open, Attila asks me if they can have some lemonade, I say come and get It, is on the fridge in the kitchen, as Attila comes out, I turn on my back, asking him to rub some cream on my back, Attila starts spreading cream on my shoulders I asking to spread It all over my back and legs, when he starts on my legs, the feeling of his rough hands on my legs, moving them on my ass cheeks squeezing them, very gently, one of his hands move on my tits the other he slides It under the back of my bikini I open my legs, his hand reaches my pussy and he starts fingering my pussy, I start moaning and moving my hips slowly at first, saying how good It feels telling him to squeeze my tits and pussy harder, I start moaning louder and louder, shouting YES! YES! HARDER, I can cant wait any more, I sit up facing him, I pull his shorts down, grab his ass and I ram my mouth on his cock, he holds my head pushing my face very hard on his lap us he is pumping his cum inside my mouth I am sucking harder and swallowing and I keep sucking his cock dry, Then, I notice Tolga standing on my left with his shorts down telling me ( IN A VERY ROUGH TURKISH ) suck my cock now, I grab his ass and I ram my mouth on Tolga;s cock, while Attila is squeezing my tits and pulling my nipples and kissing and biting my neck, as soon as Tolga;s cock touches my throat, he starts pumping his cum inside my mouth, again I start sucking his cock even harder, all the time moaning very loud with pleasure, I lie down with a very big smile on my face feeling very good and please, Attila opens my legs and starts pushing his face on my pussy his tongue deep inside my pussy, he is pushing so hard, I had the feeling he wants to push his head inside my pussy, holding and squeezing Tolga's cock very hard while having a very good orgasm, I start screaming so loud, I thought, who ever is awake in the hotel must be hearing me, I told them, to stop, and come back for dinner tonight, Attila tells me, there is an other gardener, before he ask me, I tell him to bring him too, I phone reception and tell them, to bring food for 6 people and 4 bottles of Raki at 8pm, the new gardener was Romanian and his name was Nihan, the first thing I did when they came, was to ask them to have a shower, they ate every thing and we drank nearly 3 bottles of Raki, I was very happy and ready for any thing, I told them, I wanted to suck cock, I took them to the bedroom put them on the bed, I started sucking Attila;s cock while holding and stroking Tolga;s and Nihan's cocks taking turns sucking every cock dry, they explode to quick, so I start sucking again, this time was much better, I took my time enjoying every minute and suck of their cocks they started kissing my mouth and my tits, Attila was in my pussy again, Tolga sticking his tongue inside my asshole and me ramming my mouth on Nihan';s cock, siting on Attila;s cock, Nihan fucking me in the ass and me ramming my mouth on Tolga;s cock, I started screaming again louder than before while I was having a very good orgasm again, I fall on Attila really exhausted my tits on his face, Attila starts kissing and sucking my nipples, he lifts me up and he starts sucking and licking my pussy, I tell Tolga to pour Raki on my pussy and tell Attila to suck off my pussy, Attila starts laughing and sucking Raki off my pussy, Tolga and Nihan join him, the three of them going crazy with lust I am laughing telling them to drink more, Tolga starts callinmg me TURKIKSH WHORE and he bites my ass cheek, I shout harder, you Kurdish good for nothing, Tolga push his head between Attila and me and he starts biting my tits leaving his teeth marks on my tits, I start telling them, If thatis the best they can do, I want them to be what they are sex starve perverts village men ( I AM THE DREAM AND FANTASY OF THEIR LIVES ) I am laughing and creaming with pain and pleasure, really enjoying my self A LOT! Attila grabs my head he push my head on Tolga's ass and tells me to lick his asshole, I open Tolga's asshole sticking my tongue in his asshole as deep as I can, he makes me to do the same thing to Nihan's asshole, after I sit Attila on the bed lifting his legs up, I start sticking and my tongue deep inside his asshole, Attila starts moaning with pleasure telling to suck It harder, I push his ass cheeks apart as much as I can pushing my face and mouth very hard sucking his asshole harder. Tolga slides his body under me grabs my hips and pulls my asshole down on his cock, It feels so good, I start sucking Attila's asshole harder moaning with pleasure pressing my face harder and my tongue deeper on Attila's asshole, I am enjoying my self so much, the more Attila moans the harder I push my tongue inside his asshole, I take his cock in my mouth and I start stroking It and sucking his cock till he explodes inside my mouth, he then slaps me calling me TURKISH WHORE and , telling me, he wants to fuck my asshole Tolga joins him, both fucking my asshole, Nihan ramming his cock in my mouth holding my hair pushing my head very hard on his cock, we run out of Raki around 4 am we all fall to sleep around 7am. at 2 pm, reception phones me, saying, they need the gardeners, I tell him, I am not finish with them yet I wake them up one at the time sucking their cocks, telling them, reception call, they said, they need you, we did that twice more before I left to go back to Istanbul, when I was paying the bill, the man in reception, ask me, If I enjoy my stay, I told him, YES! very much, your gardeners fuck me very good. Sorry! I did not know I was going to enjoy my week rest so much, GANG BANG IN PART 5

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After 4 months working for Irina, she call me, she wanted to talk with me, after we had dinner, she gave me a credit card, saying, to use It to transfer my wages every month and to use It to pay for whatever, she tells me to take my husband and to go on holidays, she ask about my husband, I tell her, he is OK1 with me doing this, after a week I was back from Otto, Irina wanted to meet my husband, they become very good friends, my husband telling Irina, he new one day was going to happen, he tells her, I was to desirable to men, saying, you can married a strawberry cake and expected to eat It on your own, Irina, started to laugh, saying, I like your husband, he is a very down to earth man, anyway, after dinner, she tells me on Friday, we are going to Istanbul, saying, shy needs to talk to her man in Istanbul, I was so happy a kissed her, saying, I love It, the next Friday we fly to Istanbul, the same day, Irina tells me, to stay in my room till she calls me, she will be talking business with him, around 11pm, she calls me to tell me to go to his room, He open the door, he is wearing his bathrobe, I can tell he just had a shower, ( I LIKE THAT ) I take off my spring light coat, I am standing naked with my high hills, he looks at me, saying, so you are the AFTER DINNER TURKISH DELIGHT, that every body talks about, he takes his bathrobe off, ( HE IS IN HIS LATE FIFTIES , TALL AND GOOD LOOKING, ) In Turkish he tells me to suck his cock, I kneel, hold his soft cock with both hands, I start sucking very gently the tip of his cock and taking his cock inside my mouth he starts moaning and saying, HO YES! HO YES!, while his cock is growing bigger inside my mouth, slowly he takes me to the bed, lying on his back, I, kneeling between his legs, holding and squeezing his balls very gently and my mouth lips on his ball, with his whole cock inside my mouth I start sucking It with my throat, his moaning is very loud now, soon I start feeling his cum going down my throat, he gets up and starts fucking mu mouth, holding my head, he presses my head harder on his lap, every time he jerks off , he is going to take his cock off my mouth, I push him back on the bed and start sucking his cock again, It takes him a long time to start pumping cum inside my throat again, while I was sucking his cock for the second time ( I WANTED HIM TO BE VERY HAPPY, I WAS THINKING, MY SISTER, MY SISTER IN LAW AND MY NIECES WRE HERE IN ISTANBUL ) he is very happy, saying, they are wright to call you THE QUEEN OF COCK SUCKING, he then, tells me, he has to have an other pill to keep enjoying my body, after he is finish with me, he tells me, his name is GOLD! ( MAYBE) he is a Sephardi Jew, his family been in Istanbul for generations, before I leave him, I ask him if can I stay with him for a week, he holds me up, saying, he was going to ask Irina, if he could keep me for awhile, on Sunday he takes me to a house, on the Bosphorus, in the evening he takes me out for dinner, to fish restaurant by the Bosphorus he loves It, he is showing me off to his friends, while we were having dinner, 3 off his friends came in, one of them, I met in London, they decide to join us for dinner, they tell us to have dinner tomorrow again, out side he tells me, the one I met in London, calls me THE QUEEN OF COCK FUCKING, the next day, I ask him, if we could take my sister in law with us, he says OK! but he does not look happy, I phone Esra, I tell her all about IT,on the way to the restaurant, we pick Esra, Esra is wearing a very sexy short dress, I let her sit in front Esra loves the car, she is looking very excited and impress, he starts talking to Esra, he is telling Esra, how beautiful her legs are, Esra starts laughing very loud, saying, thank you! I am glad you like them! we get to the restaurant, now Esra, is really impress, his friends come in, we all having dinner, they are having oysters and Raki, ( ESRA AND IER DRANK A BIT TO MUCH ) Gold tells them, my oyster taste better, Esra starts laughing, saying her oyster taste very good too, the men start to laugh, gold saying, as soon as we finish we will have two AFTER DINNER TURKISH DELIGHTS, we go home, Esra with the other 3 men, when we are in front garden of the house, Esra comes out of the car laughing very loud, with her dress around her waist, one man with his hand on her pussy, Esra trying to close her legs, the other kissing her tits, I run to her and pull her dress up and down, Telling her to wait to get inside the house, while I am doing that, Gold comes behind me pulls my dress up my panties down throws me on the hood of the car, takes his cock out and starts fucking me, the other 3 have Esra naked with her legs apart, one man fucking her from behind, bend down and the other two men taking turns, fucking her mouth, It takes a while before we end up inside the house, we are all naked drinking Raki again, Turkish music starts playing, Esra and I, we start belly dancing, I pick up a glass of Raki and pour It on Esra's tits licking the Raki off her tits, Esra takes the glass fills her mouth and kisses me in the mouth, I grab her hair, pulling her head back and kissing her harder, with the other hand I grab her pussy and start squeezing her pussy, Gold takes me a couch, telling me to suck his cock, Esra ends up sucking one cock while stroking the other two, we end up in deferent bedrooms with two men each, I end up sucking the cocks of Gold and the one I met in London, while I am sucking cocks, I can hear Esra shouting and laughing very loud in the next room like a woman mad with pleasure, Gold lies on his back, tells me to sit on his cock, bends me to kiss me, the other one, rams his cock inside my asshole, I start shouting to fuck me harder in my ass, Gold bends me putting my hands on the wall, they both started pushing their cocks inside my ass, Is so painful, I have a sock, I leg go my hands off the wall, trying to get their cock off my ass, their pushing so hard I hit the wall hard with both of them hitting my body making most their cocks go inside my ass, they kept pushing trying to get their whole cocks inside my ass, I start screaming with tears on my eyes, telling them to stop, my screams were making them more excited and they start pushing harder, after I found out, Esra was laughing and screaming so loud, they were doing the same thing to her, but she was telling them to push harder, around 5 am, they left, Esra and I went to bed with Gold and fall to sleep an hour later, the next evening we went for dinner to a different restaurant, gave gold I very good time, and them, I told him, what I was thinking when I was sucking his cock at the hotel, on Sunday we were to have a big gang bang with my sister and my nieces. The gang bang Will be part 4

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On Thursday, IVAN AND I we are back in London, he takes me to his flat, Irina is waiting for us, ( IVAN TOLD IRINA WHAT HAPPEND ), I ph my husband and pretend we are having an argument, after I hung up, IVAN offers me to stay in his flat, saying I can stay as long as I like, he tells Irina, if she had book the room for him, Irina, say yes! You will be on your own for a few days, after they are both g, I ph my husband, I tell my husband all about IT, telling him, how much I like the flat, Friday I go to work, in the evening, I go to see my husband and sister, Saturday night, I am watching tele, IVAN, phs me, I told Otto all about you and Otto wants to meet you, I asking if he wants me to go to the hotel, he asks me If I had dinner, I say yes! he tells me, they are going to have dinner and a few drinks, we will be with you, around 11pm, When they arrive, I am in bed reading, ( THE FLAT IS SO BIG, I DID NOT HERE THEM COMING IN ) IVAN opens my door, I jump, telling him, you are me, he tells me to come and meet Otto, I get up, when I pick my bath robe, he tells me to leave It, I look at him, saying, what do you mean? I am wearing my see through nighty only, he tells me to take my panties off and wear high hills, when am not moving, he tells me, ( IN A VERY LOW AND NICE VOICE ) look Nural, he is a very important man to Irina and me,, we will be very grateful If you do this for us, I say OK! go out, I need to take a shower and make my self presentable,, after 20 minutes, I go to them, smelling rosses, my pussy and ass with strawberry lip barn, wearing my see through nighty and high hills, walking in a very sexy way, saying to IVAN, so this good looking gentlemen is Otto ( HE IS A AVERAGE HEIGH MAN, VERY SKINNY AND LOOKS QUITE OLD, HE HAS A MOUCTACHE AND SMALL BEARD ALL WHITE, ) , I lift my nighty for him to see my shaved pussy, Otto, tells me, how beautiful I am, telling IVAN, you can go now, I tell IVAN, I walk you to the door, on the way to the door, I ask IVAN, how old is he? he tells me he is 81 old and to be very nice with him, before he leaves, he tells me he is very important to us and for your future, I am back in the room with Otto, he is siting on the couch completely naked, stroking his cock, ( VERY DECENT EVEN SOFT ) looking at his cock, I ask him if he wanted some thing to drink, he ask for a glass of water, I bring him the water, he has a pill on his hand, he takes the pill, saying, I took when I came in but I think I am going to need , he tells me to take my nighty off and walk around, he is enjoying very much watching me, he tells me to com e and stand in front of him, while I am standing in front of him, he starts touching very nicely and gently, my legs and pussy, saying how smooth and silky my skin is, he praises my perfume, saying, IVAN was right, you are a very delicious AFTER DINNER TURKISH DELIGHT, I start enjoying his touching, he is very good with his hands, I am feeling very good and sensual and he knows It, he pulls me closer to him, with his hands moving on my hips and ass cheeks, he starts kissing my tommy, gently, he pulls me down on my knees, I hold his cock very gently, and massage It like if It was the most precious thing in the world, taking my time, very slowly, I start kissing It and sucking the tip of his soft cock, as soon as start kissing his cock, his cock gets very hard, I start taking his cock inside my mouth very slowly, making him feel my lips around his cock, I take long before my lips are touching the skin of his balls around his cock, I start taking It out and back inside my mouth very slowly, ( THE WAY HE IS TOUCHING MY TITS, HE IS MAKING ME, ENJOYING SUCKING HIS COCK, VERY MUCH ) Otto is moaning, his head backwards, his legs wide open, I am moaning with real pleasure, I been sucking his cock for a long time now and he had not say a word, he gently ask me to go to the bedroom, I am lying on the bed with my legs open, he is lying between my legs his hands around m y pussy pulling apart my pussy lips, his mouth kissing my pussy, as soon as I feel his tongue touching the inside of my pussy, I start pushing my pussy on his mouth very gently, ( HE IS SUCH A GOOD KISSER ) It feels so good, the sound of me moaning, I can feel, the sound of my moaning is making him very excited, when he feels, I am getting there, he stops and on his s on top of me, he starts kissing my mouth, his beard and moustache wet with his saliva and my pussy juices, his mouth and beard taste so good, I grab his head, put my legs around his body and we start kissing each other real passion and lust, tongues twisting inside our mouths and rolling side ways on the bed, he ends up on top of me again, he starts biting my nipples, very, very gently, he takes his time again kissing my nipples, I am so fucking full of desire, I ask him to kiss me again, this time, we loose our selves kissing each other, he does that to me 4 times before, going all the way and give me an orgasm, ( I CAN'T FIND WORDS TO EXPLAIN THE FEELING I HAD ) he would not stop kissing my pussy, during and even after my orgasm, we lay on the bed for a while, ( HE STILL DID NOT SAY A WORD ) after a while, he gently moves my head on his cock again, I started kissing and sucking his cock again, taking my time and making sure he was really enjoying, again, how long I was sucking his cock, I CAN'T SAY, he took my hands and make me ride his cock, as soon as the head of his cock touch my pussy lips, I start moaning, having feelings of DESIRE AND LUST for this man like never I had for any other man before, I siting on his cock holding his hands with his whole cock inside my pussy, I start shaking and twisting my hips moaning with so much pleasure, I start having an other of orgasm, ( AGAIN I CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW GOOD IT WAS ) I was going to go beside him on the bed, he pulls me and makes me sit on his face, pressing my wet pussy on his face with his tongue inside my pussy, he is sucking swallowing my juices, he keeps me siting on his face so long, I start having an other orgasm, I grab his head I start rubbing my pussy on his face and mouth, he holds my hips and he wont let me go, driving me mad with pleasure, I move down his body, holding his hands pressing them down on the bed, I start kissing him in the mouth, his mouth is full of my juices, tongues twisting inside each others mouth, I start sucking and swallowing his saliva full of my juices, again how long we were kissing, ( I CAN'T SAY ) we lying on the bed again, he asks me for an other glass of water,( I NOTICE, HE DID NOT EJACULATE SO FAR ) very gently, I ask him about It, he tells me, he only ejaculate when he fucks women from behind, he says, you are a Muslim, Muslim women don't like being fuck from behind, I hold his face with my hands, telling him, MY BEOUTIFUL MAM, for you I will do anything you like, I go to IVAN'S room, I come back with of his trousers belts, I get the Vaseline we bought in Paris, He starts to smile, I lie on my tommy on the bed, I tell him to tie my legs real tight and spread Vaseline on my asshole and on his cock, he takes his cock and starts pushing my ass cheeks with his hard cock, as soon as I feel the tip of his cock on my asshole, I start moaning with real pleasure, telling him, how much I am enjoying the felling of his cock entering my asshole, as he is pushing his cock inside my asshole, I tell him I LOVE IT, PUSH HARDER, he starts pushing harder ramming his cock deep inside my ass, I start moaning louder and louder, telling him to fuck my ass as long as he likes, my ass, my whole body is yours to use as you please, ( HE IS REALY HURTING ME) but I wont complain, he takes very long before he starts pumping hot cum inside my ass, as he is pumping his cum, I am telling him, how good his cock feels every time you ram It inside my asshole, he falls on my back breathing heavily, with his cock still inside my ass, he grabs and twist my head and he starts kissing me on the mouth, taking his time again, he falls beside me on the bed with his cock still hard, I tell him, you are the first man I had the pleasure to have his cock fucking my tight asshole, I tell him, It felt so good, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME AGAIN HARD AND LONG, TILL YOUR COCJ GOES SOFT AGAIN, ( AGAIN< HOW LONG HE WAS FUCKING MY ASS, I CAN'T SAY ) IVAN and OTTO came around 11pm, It was 6 clock in the morning when we felt to sleep, holding each other, Sunday IVAN took him back to the hotel, he came back with Irina, they were both very happy, IVAN asking me, WHAT DID YOU DO TO OTTO? he wants to take you with him to his house in Germany for as long you like to stay with him, Otto and I we spend 3 weeks together, mostly in bed, Irina yells me, she would like to talk to me about working for them.
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After my wonderful night with the two chiefs, on Monday I went to work with my whole body in pain, Irina came in the afternoon., I tod her, I have a new sales lady to start tomorrow, Irina tells me that, she can't go to Paris with me and we need to cancel the trip to Paris, I was very upset, IVAN came later, while Irina was out, IVAN tells me, Irina told him, the trip to Paris was cancel, he tells me, he can come with me if I don't mind, ( IT LOOKS TO ME, I AM BEING SET UP, TO GO WITH HIM,) I look at him for a long moment, I say my husband is not going to be happy if I go with a man to Paris, ( NOW I AM SET HIM UP ) he tells me, I don't need to tell my husband who am I going with, He says, we only going to buy dresses and we book to rooms, Irina comes back, IVAN tells her, Nural and I we going to Paris, Irina, ask me, If I am comfortable going with HIM, and what about your husband, I tell her, he thinks, I am going with you, on Thursday morning, I meet IVAN at the airport, as we walking along, I realise how big and tall he really is, he is being very attentive and polite, we get to Paris, we go to the hotel, when I see the hotel, I love It, 5 starts, very expensive, My pussy is getting wet and my thoughts very dirty, I am going to love It, at the reception, the calling by his name, they take us to our rooms, I ask him I would like to walk along the Champs of Elysees, before dinner, we have a few drinks in one of the terrace cafes, I take his hand saying how much I LOVE IT, He tells me Paris is the city of love, ( HE DOES NOT KNOW I HAD BEEN TO PARIS MANY TIMES WITH DAVID, BUT TO 3 STARTS HOTELS, ) I remind him, I am a married woman, He laughs, saying I know and please don't remind me again, at hotel restaurant, the head waiter knows him very well, we have two bottles of a very expensive wine, AS we going to our rooms, I hold his arm, I pretend to be a bit dizzy, telling him, I think I had one to many, saying is still early and I need a bit of fresh air, he tells me he knows a very nice place to walk, after walking along for a few minutes, I ask him, if I can hold his arm, saying I am still a bit dizzy, I ask him about his mistress, he tells me, he does not a mistress, ( HE IS BEING HONEST I LIKE IT ) I ask him, if he has a girl friend, he tells me, he goes out with women from escort agencies, I look surprise, asking him, how does It work, He tells, you pay for sex, he then asks me if I ever being with an other men or cheat on my husband, I I say NEVER, then! I say well that is not true any more, I am with you now, he laughs, after a few more minutes, we walking in front of place, advertising EROTIC MUSEUN, ( THINKING THAT @S WHY HE WANTED TO WALK ALONG HERE ), I ask him to come with me to see It, he tells me, you may not like, Inside is lots of couples mainly, I get closer to him, while we are looking, I am asking him about the things that I am looking at, he asks me if I ever watch a porno movie, I say NO!, he tells me you can watch one in your room if you like, we spend more than an hour, before we go we sign on the book of visitors, at the hotel, I ask him, if we can have a drink before we I go to bed, ( I WAS GOING TO SAY, WE GO TO BED ) after we finish the drink, we go to our rooms, I take a shower put on my short see through nighty, switch the tele on, I phone him, I ask him if he can help me to find the porno channel, he tells me he will be with me in 5 minutes, he just finish having a shower, ( I THOUGHT HUMMMM! ) saying I leave the door unlock, when he comes in, I am inside the bed,, he starts searching for the channel, the phone rings, as IVAN finds the channel, big television, a woman sucking cock, I ask my husband, how was his day, while watching the woman sucking cock, he tells ne he just got home from the office, I start moaning with pleasure, kicking the sheets off me, opening my legs wide, touching my shaved pussy, Ivan looking at me, with eyes like plates I put my hand on the phone, asking IVAN, what are you waiting for? IVAN starts kissing my pussy, his hands on my tits, I tell him, the hotel is a 5 start, I am naked on this very big bed on this big room, stretching my legs, IVAN is looking at my face and smiling, I look at him, saying to my husband, how good It feels, IVAN gets up and takes his pyjamas off, he looks bigger naked, his cock hard and throbbing, I tell my husband, I better go, this movie is getting very interesting saying good night I hang up, I tell him to saw me his thing, he is standing by the side of the bed, with this real thick cock, not to big but very thick, ( IT LOOKS LIKE A CAN OF GUINESS BEER MY HUSBAND DRINKS ) I start stroking his cock and playing with my shaved pussy while watching the woman sucking cock, I pull IVAN on the bed by my side, put my head on his tommy I start kissing his cock and with my hand stroking his cock, while watching the woman, IVAN ask me, if I ever suck cock before, I say my husband once or twice, I tell him, I am learning, after 10 minutes, I am lying in front of him between his legs, stroking his thick cock trying to push It inside my mouth with half of his cock inside my mouth, he explodes pumping his cum inside my mouth, I start coughing and spit out his cock, making funny faces, I tell him I am not feeling well, will try tomorrow again, In the morning we do the shopping for the boutique, in the evening we are in my room drinking champagne, I play with his cock again, same thing again, I spit his cum out, saying It taste so bad It makes me sick, The next day, he takes me shopping, ( HE REALLY SPOILS ME, AND HE BUYS THINGS FOR MY HUSBAN, AND I BOUGHT A FEW THINGS< STRAWBERRY LIP BARN,VASELINE AND THE PILLS ) in the evening we are both naked in bed, I am drinking champagne, he is drinking vodka, he tells me, he wants me to call my husband when I am sucking him, I give him the looks, saying, are trying to put me in trouble? then I say OK! but don't talk, he starts touching my body, licking and sucking my nipples, my pussy and my asshole, he is being drinking heavily, he takes my head and tells me to suck his cock, saying, that's why I paying for, I tell him, I am not one of your whores, he pushes my head harder on his cock, SUCKE IT BITCH, I push him away, grab the vodka bottle, drinking quite a bit, telling him, I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR COCK, now I am really on the mood, I phone my husband, put the phone on the speaker, Telling that, I am going to suck and fuck my Russian male boss, ( my husband knows about me and he likes listening , but my boss does not ) he tells him, my cock is bigger than your, Come and suck my thick cock bitch, I start sucking saying is to thick, I don't think I can take It all inside my mouth, my husband saying don't suck his cock, IVAN, saying his cock is inside your whore of a wife, I am moaning with pleasure very loud, IVAN is shouting saying, how good I am and how good It feels inside my mouth, he starts pumping cum inside my mouth, I am swallowing every bit of his cum, IVAN, is telling my husband all about It, IVAN tells me to sit on his cock, I tell him, I need lots of Vaseline, your cock is to thick, as I am letting my pussy slide down and pulling my pussy lips apart, IVAN is telling my husband every thing I am doing, ( MY HUSBAND IS SHOUTING,TO STOP FUCKING HIM, CALLING ME FUCKING WHORE ) I start shouting, HO MY GOD! HO MY GOD! is to fucking thick my pussy is hurting to much, I shout, ( HUSBAND, MY PUSSY LIPS ARE ON HIS BALLS AND I LOVE IT! ) I tell IVAN to get up and to fuck me against the wall, IVAN shouts, saying your wife looks like a little girl siting on my cock, I am having an orgasm, I start shouting so loud with pleasure he takes my panties from the side table and stuff them inside my mouth, telling my husband, she is shouting so much, the whole hotel knows some body is fucking your wife, I stuff her panties inside her mouth, He tells my husband we call you back, when I fuck her in her tight asshole, and he hangs up, he tells me, you are in big trouble, I SAY FUCK MY HUSBAND! he peaks me up, saying, I am not talking about him, I am talking when I fuck your tight asshole, and he drinks more vodka straight from the bottle, I do the same, he phones the hotel reception, he tells them, we are going to stay for 3 more days, he phones Irina and tells her we are going to come back Thursday, After that I am over the moon, I tell him before you fuck me in the as slap me real hard, telling my husband, he calls my husband, telling him, I have your wife lying on her tommy tied to the bed with her legs wide open, her panties inside her mouth ,I don't want the whole hotel listening to her screaming, and her asshole with lots of baseline, I don't want her running away when I ram my thick cock inside her asshole, he starts slapping my ass, calling me fucking whore, he rams his whole cock real hard and fast, he tells my husband, your wife is shaking like rag doll, her whole body wet with her sweat I think I split her asshole, It is bleeding, your wife is much better than any whore I paid for, I think I will make her my personal whore, in the morning after we wake up, I have a big headache, my body again full of marks, I ask him what happened last night, he tells me what we did, I start shouting HO SHIT! HO SHIT!, he tells me not to worry Irina and I we take care of you, he goes to his room, I phone my husband, the first thing he says, YOU WERE FANSTACTIC, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I tell him he is Russian, the other new boss, he tells me, he likes him very much, I tell him we are staying for an other 3 days, make sure he calls me.
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BEFORE I MET THE CHIEFS ..........After we were back from Ibiza, I met my new bosses, there are Russian, they are Russian, IRINA ( a very serious small woman of around 50 years old ) IVAN ( is a 67 years old very charming, big tall man, but not very good looking ) Irina, stops me from delivering dresses, ( she thought I was just delivering the dresses ) she tells me to give them to the hotel reception, Most of the time they are travelling taking care of other businesses, IVAN, I only see him on Saturdays, all ways bringing me flowers and complementing me on my work and the way I look, Irina telling him off, saying that I am a married woman, Some times Irina goes out for lunch or to the bank, the first time, IVAN and I were alone, I went up the ladder wearing a short skirt looking for a dress, I can see him looking at my ass, he is bending down to look under my skirt, They are mirrors every where, ( IS A BOUTIQUE ) so I start stretching my self, for him to have a better view, I ask him to hold some dresses for me, while I am looking and moving the dresses, I just pick a dress up, telling him, I found It, I come down the ladder, I can see he has a big bulged on his trousers on the mirrors, I ask him, If he wanted some coffee, he say, yes please! as I am giving his coffee, Irina walks in, the second time we are alone, he tells me to try a dress to see how it looks, he tells is for his mistress back in Russia, ( I know he has no mistress, Irina told me every thing about him, married and divorce 3 times, not children, he gets his women from an escort agency, ) I take the dress to the changing cubicle, leaving the door just a bit open, On the cubicle mirrors, I see him looking at me and touching his private parts, I come out, feeling very excited and horny, I ask him if he likes It, he say yes very much, adding that, I have a gorgeous ass and beautiful tits, smiling, I tell him you are a very cheeky and naughty old man, I was going to ask him, if he wanted to see me naked, Irina walks in, saying I look very good with that dress, she tells me to keep It if I like, as we are to close the boutique, she tells me to have dinner with her to talk about the boutique, during dinner, she ask me about buying dresses for the boutique, I tell her, David use to go on Thursdays and come back on Saturdays, she tells me to employ a sales lady, because we will be going together, Monday she tells me, she book two rooms in a hotel in Paris, we going in two weeks time, The next Saturday, I decide to get serious with IVAN, Saturday, Irina calls me to tell me, they are not coming to the boutique, I was swearing and fucking upset, for five weeks I just had sex with my husband and my sister, Saturday I am thinking of picking a man at the bar in the hotel, but I was not in the mood, I went home, around 1 am, I was reading in bed,...............................................................THE CHIEFS PART 3................. the phone rings, the CHIEF is calling me, he tells me, he is having a drink with a friend and he told him about me, before he asks me to go to him, I tell him, I WILL BE THERE IN AN HOUR, I take a shower, spray perfume and strawberry lip barn on my pussy and ass, When I get there the door is open, I walk in the chief and his friend are both BIG men, siting naked on couches talking very loud arguing about who has the biggest cock, ( Like children with one too many drinks,) the chief tells me to take off my nighty, ( I CAME WITH MY NIGHTY ONLY ) and to sit on his lap, I sit on his lap with his huge cock between my legs, he grabs my head, puts his big mouth on mine, sucking my tongue real hard, I grab his body pressing my body against his, pushing m y tongue deeper inside his mouth, his friend ask him, if is not going to introduce us, the chief turns me around with his cock between my legs, I am rubbing my pussy on his cock, facing his friend, he tells me, he is a chief too, he ask me who has the biggest cock, I say, with a very childish smile I will not know until II start sucking his cock, They both start laughing, the chief, saying, YOU WATED TO PAY FOR A WHOLRE, when we can have a real TURKISH DELIGH, he tells his friend, she is a fantastic cock sucker, he puts me on my back on top of the small stool with my head down facing his huge cock, I grab his cock, open my mouth , he sits on the edge of the couch he holds my neck and he starts pulling me to his body, his friends opens my legs, I can feel his whole mouth around my pussy and his tongue moving inside my pussy, his friends tells the chief, her pussy tastes strawberries, and he starts pushing his tongue harder and deeper sucking so hard, I feel I have one of those pussy pumps on my pussy, while the chief starts pushing me and his cock deeper inside my throat, is telling him, this Turkish bitch, is a real artist, she loves It more than we do, his friend starts touching my tits, squeezing them real hard, pulling my nipples, I grabs his hands, I start slapping my tits he gets what I want, he starts slapping my tits, moving to legs slapping them harder, pinching and twisting m y flesh, I start shaking my legs and body, holding his head harder against my pussy, I had a very long and intense orgasm, the chief's cock is all inside my mouth, deep down my throat, his friend can let my pussy go, the chief tells him to look at my throat, his friend starts laughing when he sees the bulge the chief cocks is making on my throat, my mouth is stretch to Its limit, my throat feels like is going to explode, my body is shaking with pain, my hands moving and saying take It out, the chief grabs my hands telling to his friend to sit on me, his friend sits on my body and starts squeezing my throat, while the chiefs takes half of his cock out and rams It back in, making his friends hands rise on my throat, his friend start squeezing harder, telling the chief to fuck my mouth faster, the chief starts pumping his cum inside my throat, pushing harder, every time he jerks off inside my throat, the chief takes his cock out, still laughing telling his friend and you wanted to pay for a whore, we have the best sucking whore here and for free, I am on my fours coughing and throwing cum on the carpet, when his friend lifts me up puts me on the stool again, and starts pushing his cock inside my mouth, telling the chief, It will be easier for his cock to go inside her mouth and down her throat, with the chief opens my legs and pours whisky inside my pussy, telling his friend I am going to drink whisky with strawberry flavour, my pussy in on fire, I am trying to push him away, but he holds my legs very tight while sucking whisky off my pussy, I am trying to tighten my throat for his friend, He tells the chief, she is trying to make It harder for me, so his friend lifts me up and lets my body weight do the job, my mouth falls down on his balls, his whole cock slides deep inside my throat, the chief, tells him to have a drink, pouring whisky on my pussy while his friend is sucking It off my pussy, whisky starts going down my body and into my nose, I start shaking again like a mad woman, his friend takes me to the bedroom, drops me on my back on top of this huge bed, his cock inside my mouth and his big body pressing on me, I can't hardly breath, he explodes pressing even harder with his hips on my face every time he jerks off, after he takes his cock out, I run to the toilet, vomiting and throwing out, while flushing my pussy with hot water,( I LOVE SWALLOWING CUM, BUT THEIR COCKS WERE TO TIGHT INSIDE MY THROAT, ) I take a shower, wash my mouth, when I come back their both saying on the bed drinking again, I tell them, you behaving like two spoiled brats with to much whisky inside you, I throw my self on the bed, between them telling them to touch my body with your big hands, I grab their huge cocks, saying the chief cock is just a bit bigger, both lying beside me kissing my tits, their hands touching my body every where , his friend pulls me on top of him, I hold his cock putting his cock head between my pussy lips, I let my body go, his whole cock slides inside my pussy, holding his big hands I start gasping and twisting my with pleasure ( MY PUSSY WAS STILL ON FIRE, MORE OF LUST THAN WHISKY ) the chief turns me around with his friend cock still inside my pussy, gently grabs my head, I grab his cock big cock I start sucking he only lets me take half of his big cock in my mouth, I am taking my time, enjoying the moment very much, after a long while, I start feeling my orgasm, I am trying to slow It down, enjoying the feeling when I explode, I start shaking and moaning very loud, I hold the chief hands, look in his eyes, telling with a very serious voice, fuck my mouth you fucking asshole, The chief rams his cock inside my mouth I grab his ass scratching his ass and pushing his body very hard on my face, his friend gets up, I am on the air my legs dandling the chief cocks inside my mouth his friend's cock inside my pussy, I am having a very intense orgasm again both pumping me with their hot cum, I look in the mirror, I look like a baby lamb on a spit with two big cocks holding me on the air, the 3 of us end up on the bed breathing heavily, I did not take long for the chief to turn me on my tommy, opening my legs. he started licking my ass spilling saliva on my asshole, I grab the bed sheets as soon as I felt his big cock entering my asshole, slowly at first, telling his friend how much he likes fucking me in the ass, no matter how many times I fuck her in the ass, her asshole is all ways tight, ( WAS SWEETING HEAVULY AND MY ASSHOLE WAS VERY PAINFUL ) once his whole cock was inside my asshole, he started taking It in and out very gently till the moment he let his body go on top of mine grabbing the side of the bed, he started ramming his cock faster and faster moving hitting my ass with his hips every time he was jerking off inside my ass, lying on my side, he started telling me how good he felt every time he fuck my asshole, as I was going to say, I LOVE IT! his friend rams his cock inside my asshole , we are both lying on the bed again, half sleep, I tell them, I want to be fuck by two C HIEFS of you, they both started laughing, the chief tells his friend, she is going to kill us, I tell them, I am going to do every thing now, I started sucking their cocks till both were hard again, lying on my side between them, I lift my leg up the chief rams his cock in my pussy, his friend in my asshole, I don't move enjoying the feeling of both big cocks inside me, I start moving slowly, grabbing their heads and telling them, to bite my tits as soon as start felling those two big mouth biting and kissing my tits I had a fantastic orgasm, they both fall to sleep with their cocks inside me, I decide to sleep with their cocks inside me, 6 hours later when I woke up, they were still sleeping with their soft cocks inside me, I drove home very slowly every part of my body was painful, when I got home my husband was fucking my sister in front of the television, they were watching PORNO, my sister saw me and straight way ask me what happened to you my husband saying, you look like hell, they took me to the bathroom, My sister took my nighty off my sister scream, calling my husband, I look in the mirror my body was full of bite marks love marks my ass and around my pussy were red, I tell them, they were wonderful,
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After I found out I was going to have a new boss, I told David, I needed a holiday, so my sister my husband and I went to Ibiza, we rent a nice villa for a week, the first two days during the day we spend them by the pool, during the night we have some fun, the third day in the morning, I told my husband my sister and I wanted to go hunting, my husband started to laugh, saying he was coming with us, so with the rented car we went to have dinner to a very nice restaurant that I knew, after dinner, we have a bottle of champagne al fresco, around 2 am, we were on our third bottle, when I told them, we should go back to the villa after we finish the champagne, Meral my sister tells me to look at the bar, a good looking old man is at the bar, I tell my husband, maybe not, my husband tells me to go and get him, I got up to go to the toilets, as I was passing near him, I pretend to trip and hold on to him, saying, how sorry I was and that, I have a bit to much to drink, He tells me, not to worry, in a very sweet French accent, that makes me have my legs shaking, Coming back from the toilet he smiles at me, asking me, if he can buy me a drink, I ask him, if he would like to join my sister and our tour guide, He said he would like that very much, ( EVERY TIME HE TALKS WITH THAT SWEET FRENCHY ACCENT, I WANT TO PULL DOWN HIS PANS AND SUCK HIS COCK ) I introduce him to my sister, I tell him my name,when I introduce him to my husband, I tell him, he is our tour guide, he tells us his name is Fhilip, My husband ask him to take our picture, with my phone, telling, him, their both yours now, enjoy your selves, As soon my husband is gone, the waiter brings an other bottle of champagne, saying with the complements of the gentleman that just left, I tell him we are sisters from Istanbul, he tells us, he is retired and he is 73 years old, my sister with her hand on his leg, tells him, he looks very good for his age, around an hour later, we all know what we want, he invite us to his villa, out side town, as we driving we passing deserted beaches, I tell him, we want to swing naked, he tells me, that there is one small beach close to his villa, we have to walk for a few minutes, by the time we get to the beach, the sun is coming out, my sister and I, are naked running to the beach laughing and screaming with pleasure, he comes behind us with our cloths, saying that we are two crazy ladies, he gets naked and join us in the water, we are the three of us, holding each other, I start kissing him, my sister goes under to suck his cock, after a while my sister is holding my flat in the water, Philip, opens my legs and starts eating my pussy, he pulls me up, I hold him, my sister is under water holding his cock and driving his cock inside my pussy, as he is fucking me, my sister goes behind him and under water again, I can feel her hand on his balls and my pussy, she stops doing that, she holds both of us and she starts kissing Philip, while I am splashing the water with my body as I am up and down on Philip's cock till I start shaking and screaming with pleasure as I am having a very fantastic orgasm, we end up on the beach, my sister siting on his face and I sucking his cock, ( IN TURKISH ) I am telling my sister, how good taste his salty cock, My sister, turns around, still siting on his face, we both are sucking his cock, Meral ( MY SISTER ) starts moaning louder, she is having an orgasm, Meral starts sucking him faster, I grab her head and pushing her head down, till her lips are on his balls, holding her very tight, I start playing and stroking Philip's balls, my sister is shaking, Philip is shaking and holding my sister tighter, both moaning with pleasure, my sister trying to lift her head to take his cock off her mouth, I hold her tighter as I can feel Philip's cum coming out around the sides of her mouth dripping and sliding down on my hand and his balls, now she really starts pushing her head up, his cum is coming out from her nose, I hold her a bit longer before I let her lift her head, as she lifts her head, a lot of cum comes out of my sister's mouth, she slaps me saying that, ( IN TURKISH )you fucking crazy bitch, I WAS CHOKING, after three hours sleep, I woke my sister up, and on the same beach, we are lying sun bathing naked, after a while a small fishing boat comes along close to the beach, my sister and I we look at each other, we stand up and start waving our hands saying hello boys! they turn the fishing boat towards us, we go in the water and start swimming to them, they don't speak English, so I moving my hands saying to come in the water, they jump in the water and start pulling the boat to the beach, when the boat is on the beach, they are looking at us, not knowing what to do, so Meral and I start kissing each other, I turn Meral around I start pretending I am fucking her, the both get naked very fast, we take them in the water, we kneel on the water with the waves hitting them on the back of their legs and on our tits, we start sucking their cocks, Is not long that we both have our mouths full of their cum, they spend the next 2 hours taking turns on us, we getting fuck in every hole in our bodies, Meral and I are booming and very well serve, this Spanish old boys were very good and very hungry, we tell them to come back tomorrow, before they go, they gives us a very long kiss with their hands on our pussies, the next day by the time we get to the beach, there are 3 fishing boats and sis men naked on the beach, waiting for us,Meral and I, we take our towels off and start running naked to them, throwing our selves on their arms laughing and screaming with pleasure, soon we were holding the side of one boat, while the old boys start fucking us like crazy, for a while we have one after the other inside our pussies or assholes, my sister and I were so excited and horny, we were having orgasms often, after we were kneeling on the water, each of us sucking 3 cocks, the best was to come, they lay us down on the sandy beach with one of them at the time kneeling on our faces, fucking our mouths, holding our heads ramming their cocks inside our mouths pulling our heads on their cocks real hard, while two of them were feasting on our pussies, giving us more orgasms, the next 2 days we met the old boys, early every morning, Philip use to wake up very late, after My sister and I use him every evening, When Philip took us back to my husband, we lost weight and look very exhausted, my husband ask Philip, WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM ? I told my husband that, Philip is an insatiable lover,

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David did not come to work for a week now, Is Saturday, I was changing into my street cloths, short skirt, and as I was buttoning my blouse up, 3 men staying at the hotel, came in with a tourist map,, asking me, directions to some south American club, I told them to come in and let me see the map, I told them that, it was not far from here by underground, while we were looking at the map, I notice, their eyes were on my tits, ( I forgot I did not finish buttoning my blouse ) smiling, I say sorry, and finish buttoning my blouse up, one of them, tells me, that he did enjoy the view, as I am locking the door, I see tem talking, one of them, ( the one he told me, he enjoyed the view, ) telling me his name is Paco, asks me if I would like to join them for dinner and dancing, ( I was going to the hotel bar, to pick a man up, ) but the dancing bit, sound good, I say OK, Paco introduce me to the other two, Garcia and Oscar, Paco said, It was a bit early to go to the club, we should have a few drinks in some English pub, at the pub, they told me, they were Spanish from Zaragoza, I told them, I was Turkish from Istanbul, Paco, look very excited, telling me, he never had the pleasure to know a beautiful DELICIA TURCA, ( TURKISH DELIGHT ) I like Paco, he wanted to fuck me, and he was letting me know, Garcia, was trying to look like the one in charge, an d Oscar was a plain real pervert, his eyes were on my ass and tits all the time, after a few drinks, Paco had his arm around my waist, Garcia was talking in my hear, Oscar, every time he move or ask for drinks, his hand was touching my ass very gently, ( OSCAR WAS MAKING ME VERY HORNY, ) around 10pm, we were at the club, Paco talk to the waiter, we end up in a private table, with a curtain,, we had some to eat with wine, after they clear the table, they order champagne for me and whisky for them, Paco raise his glass saying how happy he was, I was there with them, and for a very good fucking night, telling them, I like the fucking the best, I took my weeding ring and my panties off, Oscar put my panties in his pocket straight away, we started the drinking and the dancing, when the slow music started, they talk in Spanish for a little while, Garcia was the first to dance with me, while dancing with Garcia, he was talking in Spanish close to my hear, with Paco, he was talking and kissing my neck. Oscar his hands were on my ass all the time and his hard cock rubbing on my body, as soon as I was sitting down, between Paco and Garcia, Paco unbutton my blouse and starts touching and kissing nipples and my tis, Garcia lifts my short skirt up to my waist, and starts fingering my pussy and asshole, Oscar gets up, closes the curtain, takes his hard big cock out, holds my head and starts ramming his cock inside my mouth, telling me in Spanish ( CHUPAME LA POLLA ) SUCK MY COCK, I tell them, I am not felling comfortable doing this here, I tell them, we going to the boutique, once out, I tell them I want to walk to the boutique and learn a few Spanish naughty words, after 20 minutes were are in the office at the back of the boutique, we all get naked, I clear the office table, lying across on my back naked, and my head I tell Garcia to ( COMEME EL CHOCHITO ) eat my pussy ( GARCIA HAD AN AVERAGE COCK, PACO AND OSCAR HAD BIG COCKS ) I tell them ( FOLLARME LA BOCA ) fuck my mouth, Oscar starts pushing his cock down my throat, while Paco is playing and kissing my tits, Oscar,s cock is all the way inside my throat, I take his hands and put them around my throat, he starts laughing and pushing his cock up and down my throat telling Paco, how he can feel his cock on his hands, he tells Paco to put his hands around my throat, Paco starts laughing too, Oscar tells him to squeeze my throat tighter, he starts pushing his cock harder and as deep as he can inside my throat, his balls hitting on my face and my head hitting the side of the table, he starts moaning with pleasure as he pumps his cum inside my throat, pressing harder and harder every time he jerks off inside my throat, I must say, Garcia was doing a very good job on my ( CHOCHITO ) pussy, Oscar takes his cock out, saying It was the best ( CHUPADA THE POLLA ) blow job he ever had, as soon as Oscar cock is out, Paco with his hands around my throat rams his cock down my throat, moaning with pleasure, squeezing my throat on his cock, after a little while, gently I take his hands off my throat, putting them on my tits, I grab his ass, pushing his balls hard on my face, I start squeezing his cock with my throat, Paco closes his legs around my face, every time I feel he is ready to cum, I stop pressing, after a long while he starts telling me to finish him off, his balls are hurting, I start having an orgasm, Garcia is moaning with pleasure holding my legs on his face his tongue inside my pussy, my body is shaking, I want to shout and tell Garcia to stop, I grab Paco,s hands, putting them around my throat He starts squeezing, I start squeezing, Paco starts pumping his cum inside my throat, lying on top of me, he grabs my body around my waist with his hands banging his balls on my face real hard , he is pressing so hard, on my nose, I can breath, I soon he takes his cock out, I start gasping for air and screaming with pleasure, Garcia is fucking my ( CHOCHITO ) pussy, as soon as Garcia takes his cock out Oscar starts eating my ( CHOCHITO ) pussy, Paco joins him, Garcia starts ( FOLLANDO MI BOCA ) fucking my mouth, now Paco and Oscar are both ramming their cocks inside my pussy, when Garcia is finish the three of them take their turns on my ass, Paco and Oscar It takes them a bit of time to cum, Garcia, takes longer, but he can't cum again, I get home very early in the morning, my niece and husband are both sleeping in the same bed, on Monday we get to work, David phones me to tell me that in two weeks time we will have a new boss, his wife is to ill, and he has to look after her.

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