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The Enigmatic Ones

We are a DISCUSSION GROUP with International Members (We are not a Chicago group ~ it is our virtual headquarters, not where most of us reside.)

We’re here to share thoughts, ideas, opinions, laughter, etc. ~ We do Not hook-up or meet, that is not the purpose of our group; we’re just here for the great conversation.

As a whole, we have high standards and expect to be able to discuss intense and serious topics without people becoming offended, AND without taking shots at those who disagree. We also play and joke, and appreciate a well-rounded slate of topics.


Read BEFORE Joining ~ Anyone can read this group from the outside, only members can comment. Join ONLY if you're interested in actively participating, and willing to share.


~~We Recommend that you read the group for at least a few days - reading a range of the available topics (both present and past) – BEFORE you join. ~~Spelling and coherent sentences are important to us!

~~Upon Joining, you Must First Post a Topic introducing yourself. Please include info. about yourself: let us to get to know you; i.e. hobbies, areas of interest, etc. (but Not what you're fishing for on the site, please keep that elsewhere.) We enjoy getting insight into new members. ~~Please don't respond to existing topics until your intro. appears on the board. If you fail to post an intro., you'll be removed.

~~Expectations: To remain a member, you must actively participate in discussions. ~ It is not essential that one post to every, or even most topics; but to contribute, one must interact ~ to have a Vital and Lively discussion group, the members must be engaged.

~~No graphic or explicit pics inside the group.

~~We Do Not Appreciate Drama Here – and we comfortably and swiftly use the ban option when someone fails to understand our camaraderie. Abusive outbursts and attacks on other group members will not be tolerated. ~~ No Sniping - topics are not an opportunity to take a shot at another member, or their country of origin. Keep the threads 'On Topic' please - and do your best to keep serious topics SERIOUS, if it makes you uncomfortable, or you feel you need a lighter tone, then move on to another.

Now, if you have read these guidelines, and still wish to join us, pull up a chair, We welcome you.


VITALITY is the Responsibility of Every group member. If you do not see a topic that interests you, START ONE that does! Comment TO one another so that we can all get to know you, and can experience what you have to offer.


P.S. - NO HTML, BLING, or other 'tricky' site gimmicks – also, attached photos and use of the ‘respond’ key is discouraged. A board should be interesting because of its content, NOT the color of the ink . *s*

~~The founder of this group doesn't visit us as often as we'd like, but we can visit her anytime we want at her blog: [blog luvtongue2005]

~~Contact the Mod at Group Correspondence

~~~~NEW Members~~~~Tips on Enig Group Culture

Associate Moderators: Secretromance, ladylovespassion, 1dominic74

Restrictions: between 30 and 80 living within 999999 of Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

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